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Do Unitarians count as Christians?


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No way, Jose

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If Jesus Christ came back to earth right now he'd probably go to a unitarian church. How could anyone possibly believe he would opt for one of the my way or the highway and everyone else goes to hell denominations of his church?

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Unitarians do not believe that Jesus is God, they do not believe He is alive after rising bodily from the dead, they are not Christians. The "Christ" of Unitarian religion is not Jesus Christ of the Bible.

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EldonG(550) Disputed
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One could just as easily argue that the christian god is not the god of the bible. In the old testament, god does evil, and claims it, yet christians claim he's pure good.

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NowASaint(1389) Clarified
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God will appear to you as being evil if you are against Him. If He gives you time which you abuse by talking bad against God, can you blame Him for causing evil to fall on you? He's not putting you in Hell to burn forever, is He? He could put you in Hell to burn forever, and you probably prefer that over being in Heaven with Him, enjoying His blessings in eternal life.

I do believe you are asking for proof that Hell is real, and you will get it if you keep asking for it.

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NowASaint(1389) Clarified
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One can easily make all kinds of uneducated arguments and prove that they don't know what they are talking about. FYI, the Bible is all about Jesus Christ, from cover to cover, the Living God. You might want to turn off the broken atheist ignorance record and study the Bible enough to sound like you are beginning to know what you are talking about.

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