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Do You Hate Doing Dishes?


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They are the bane of my existence...the reluctant white whale of household chores, but not so difficult to catch. Back when I was just a kid, I had a gig washing dishes at a restaurant in NYC, and I had to wash dishes all day then come home and wash more dishes or get whacked with a wooden spoon! Growing up Sicilian in New York City...was an interesting experience.

2 years ago | Side: Yes
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women if you hate doing the dishes, then buy paper plates or buy a dishwasher or get your dog to lick them clean, or finally get your husband to do them!

2 years ago | Side: Yes

YES! Oh my god! I will do any other household chore, but I refuse to do dishes. The floating pieces of food get me and I gag. Holy man... NEVER doing dishes!

2 years ago | Side: Yes
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Let me be honest! Yes, I hate washing dishes...because it takes my time and I can do interesting affairs instead of it, even useful for me. Particularly, I noticed that I became to hate washing it lessons are over my head and this big heap annoyed me. I had to do it in order to not to hear how my mother scolds me. However, I found out that doing dishes has good effects on human organism. Let me introduce them.

Firstly, washing dishes can help to get rid of problems, which you had during hard working day. Professor James John from Harvard Medical School stated: "Water takes stress away". I guess, all of you listen to seashells near seaside. Have you ever noticed it really gives pleasure and you start to dream. It is a murmur of the sea. Therefore, running water under the faucet takes away your troubles and worries, by concentrating on your spiritual condition and thoughts. Also even surrounding things are nothing for you and you do not notice how fast washed your dishes. If look at doing dishes from different angles, it is not hating thing.

Secondly, my piece of advice - try to wash dishes with music. It really helps. Concentrate more on your music or lyrics, just sing or even dance. It is funny. Anyway, it is a good exercise to stretch all body. You want to dance, but you are afraid of that your friends react negatively, even start to laugh at you. It is not problem. Dance where ever you want. At first, start from dancing in front of sink. Just try to find positive sides of doing wishes. I heard that some people even talk to themselves in front of dishes. It sounds crazy, but it is real. Experts recommended to express your negative in a right way and doing wishes even can be one of them, and in near future will be approved.

Finally, all young people get used to complain that they hate that or that. In general, we must stop it. It is simple act to wash dishes. Our mothers did it from their childhood and did enough, and now it our time to continue and help them. We hear that they lived in difficult time and never moaned. We stopped to think how important these words, because we did not face with their problems - when water was a deficit, when food was a deficit, when dishes never washed spotlessly. Shame on us. We need to thank that we have things from what we can drink and eat, that we have enough water even to wash dishes, sink-where to put them. Now is time to get experience to do things double fast in order to be in time in future. Take into consideration, if we spend double less time to ordinary household chores, we have a lot of time for our free time.

To conclude, I wanted you to pay attention to positive sides of everything, which you face with in everyday life. Do not panic, do not hate, because life is so short to hate something or someone. Enjoy every moment. Relax! Take it easy!

2 years ago | Side: No
nkresevic(50) Disputed
1 point

i can care less i have a dishwasher duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you just turn it on then there you go

2 years ago | Side: Yes
1 point

I don't hate doing the dishes. I actually like doing the dishes its not that hard of a job all you do is wash the dishes and then wait to be put away and then you put them away. Its simple!

2 years ago | Side: No

Don't you just love it when you are done washing dishes and then you let the water out then rinse the sink out making it look nice and clean and maybe even shiny then someone puts more dishes in it causing you to have to put more water and soap in the sink?

2 years ago | Side: No
2 points

Yah that happens sometimes with me ^.^ because I have a family that eats a lot.

2 years ago | Side: No

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