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Police officer orders -- YES If no police --- NO
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Do You Have To Get Off The Plane?

You buy your ticket, you show up on time, you board the plane and take your seat.  
The airline overbooks to maximize profits.  There are more passengers at the gate than seats on the plane. They offer $800 vouchers to get off and take a later plane.  Not enough people take the offer. The airline selects seated passengers who MUST get off the plane. Things get very ugly.

Your the CEO of this airline. What is your new policy when overbooked?

Police officer orders -- YES

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If no police --- NO

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If the terms and conditions you hit agree to when you bought the ticket say that the airline has the right to kick you off the plane... which they do... then yes. You are legally required to get off the plane.

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I will NOT get off the plane and if they TOUCH me, I'll sue them for everything they've got..


Side: If no police --- NO
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They have a contractual right to remove you and, since the plane is private property, they have the right to police assistance in your removal. If you don't like it, you should have bought a ticket with an airline that offers better terms. Since you didn't you will be leaving when they say, and you will not win a lawsuit.

Side: Police officer orders -- YES