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Do atheists HATE God, or do they simply think God is nonexistent?


Believers accuse atheists of HATING them.. As an atheist, I've consistently argued that we DON'T hate..  We simply don't BELIEVE..  HATE is NOT in the equation.  I don't believe in four leafed clovers either, but I don't HATE them.

Seems to me when an "atheist" openly proclaims that he HATES God, he's NOT an atheist.  He's a person who's been SCREWED by religion. 
What else could it possibly be?

A person like that gives atheists a bad name..



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They're FULL of HATE

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If he is an angry petty God then they hate him for being a jerk.

If he is a kind and loving God then they have no issue with him other than they haven't seen enough to convince them he exists.

But let's be real. Most of this atheist vs believer debate isn't really even about belief in God. Most of it is refusing to give believers an inch to impose their version of belief on anyone and everyone else. When they threaten hell, when they force legislation, when they try to subjugate women or denegrate minorities or other religions, THEY become that for which nonbelievers have zero tolerance. Just look at my peer in the other column and the typical response he gets on this site. We all pretty much believe, through his rhetoric, his banning all opposing views, and his absolutism, that he would force upon everyone his version of what is right. We oppose in order to self preserve. We don't oppose because we "hate God."

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I agree. It makes sense to say "I hate religion" or "I hate (insert specific religion here)" or "I hate (insert group of religious people)" (although this last one is quite prejudiced). Saying "I hate God" doesn't make all that much sense unless this is asserted in the same manner that someone could say "I hate Santa Claus". I think that deeply religious people (who believe in God) take a belief in God to be so self-evident (on par with Gravity) that they cannot imagine someone seriously not believing in it. It is an argument from incredulity.

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I've yet to meet an atheist who's says he hates god ( you're the first ) but I've met intelligent atheists who ask Christians to explain what and how they believe and ask about the nature of the god believers believe in ; that does not make them a believer as you seem to assume

Atheism is the rejection of a belief that any deities exist ; its tricky stuff but keep at it and the penny may drop 👌

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I say it's impossible to hate someone or something that doesn't exist.

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Excon the racist gets terribly confused over these simple concepts

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The two arent mutually exclusive. But i know what you mean. I would argue that there are no atheists who are merely atheists because they hate god. Because such people would still be secretly believing in god and wouldnt actually be atheists. Theyre just pissed off theists.

So a true atheist is one who sincerely does not believe in a god.

But like i said before you can not believe in god and see him as just a story book character and still hate him. The same way people hate the bad guy or antagonist in a novel or movie.

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I don't know that there's no god, but I've never seen evidence of the thousands proposed, so I really kind of doubt it. What's more, the stories are simply ridiculous, and often malicious. This makes for a detestable fictional character, but hate is something I just don't do. It's a waste of energy, and does no good.

Oh, I am one of those atheists that will actively state there is no god - but I say it with the same level of surety I state there is no Santa Claus. I could be wrong, but realistically, I find Santa Claus more believable.

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As an Atheist, I personally do not hate god. I do think hating a fictional character is possible (think of your favorite movie. How do you feel about the bad guy?), but that's not my position.

Most who hate god are not Atheist. They are lost Christians who are confused about events in their life, and because of their hatred may claim to be an Atheist, but have not truly lost their belief. These people do give Atheism a bad reputation, but part of that falls on the Christian (or other religion) who also does not understand what Atheism actually is (A-not; Theist-one who believes in one or more Deities).

In conclusion, correlation does not necessarily equal causation. Those who hate god are not necessarily Atheists, and Atheists do not necessarily hate god. The best way to determine what someone feels or believes is to ask them, not assume because someone gave you a blanket statement.

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If you hate god, then you are in a way acknowledging that he exists... though, of course, you can dislike fictional characters...

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I think it depends on the atheist. Some don't give two craps about Him, some do hate God with every passion of their being

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You can hate God and be a Christian. Atheists simply don't see any evidence for the existence of a deity and if solid proof is provided for the existence of a Supreme Being of any kind, they would no longer be atheists,.

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Atheists 60 years ago were fine with Christian values being lifted up to our children, because they had the common sesne to know that common moral values (that both Atheists and Christians agreed with) were good for families and children.

Many of today's Atheists have become politically correct whereby any mention of moral values must be censored from public.

Our culture is now at war with God and any mention of the wonderful values derived from our Christian heritage.

Today, people even lack the common sense to admit that one night hook ups, promiscuous sex, abandoning our children, taking illegal drugs, abusing alcohol, etc. etc. are immoral even though they hurt others.

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AveSatanas(4383) Disputed
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How the hell do you know what atheists were fine with 60 years ago? I assure you no atheist was thrilled with reciting prayers in school and being denied science lessons because of a mass delusion shared by those around them. They just spoke up less because, well, it was 60 fucking years ago and people were beaten and lynched for much less.

Thats because to you "moral values" means banning gays from getting married, stopping adults from having sexual freedom of any kind, revoking a personal medical choice from women, barring people from taking office because of their religion, ect.

Also you act like a christian has never done any of those things. Even though christians make up the majority of the prison population.

How the fuck does a consentual 1 night hook up hurt anybody? Thats complete BS. And how does consentual promiscuous sex hurt anyone either?

And yeah you could argue that doing meth will hurt the people around you sure. But smoking weed in the privacy of your own home as an adult is harming absolutely nobody.

Your morals are based on ancient bullshit.

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FromWithin(6611) Disputed
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FOOL! Try looking at the harm to millions of fatherless children from those one night hook ups.

Try looking at the harm to those millions of unwanted children created from promiscuous sex.

Try looking in the foster home at all the harm to children.

What dream world do fools like you live in?

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Atheism is a big troll, because they only have a problem with little "g" gods. Atheism has very little to do with capital "G" God. This is why atheists have no idea what to do when you actually are talking about capital "G" God. All they can do is talk about something else and boldly assert that they are talking about God. No, they know deep down they are wrong, even if they don't consciously know.

By definition, any successful argument against the supreme reality can not in fact be an argument against the supreme reality. You can't logically undermine the supreme being, that is absurd. If anything, the supreme being can undermine logic.

And that is what the so called "rational" atheists don't understand. By removing God, they completely undermine any kind of logic they come up with. Denying The Supreme and Ultimate Reality is futile in every way. It doesn't serve the unbeliever, and a society detached from God is hell bent.

The atheists who have a problem with the big "G" God have more a problem with the word "God" itself than what it actually means.

This is because they have an aversion.

They have an aversion because they are FULL OF HATE.

Or maybe overcome with the irrational and superstitious fear of one afflicted with theophobia.

But really, I think the charitable thing to internalize about the atheist would be "They clearly don't understand what it is they are affirming.". I don't care about little "g" atheists. They still believe there is such a thing as truth, right? If they believe in the gravitas of veritas, they are only atheists in declaration, not spirit. Eventually, I believe those atheists will get out of their phase when they realize that which they are sentencing to death, that truth written on their hearts that they unknowingly blasphemed. Those with such insight believe in their hearts what they cannot express through word. They will forgive as they have been forgiven. The One God is written on the hearts of all. The Supreme and Ultimate Reality.

The atheistic position in denial of The Supreme and Ultimate Reality? It is clearly foolish. It isn't a position that stands on anything. It can only come from hate. Hate of God. Hate of the way we see things being.

Atheists who believe in The Supreme and Ultimate Reality are not really atheists, though they can profess atheism. They believe in God without acknowledging God as God. As such, they can say they are atheists. They are not in a battle against God, they are in a battle against "gods". If any atheist of this sort were to have good intentions, it would be to actually point people to The One True God through the smashing of idols.

Who am I to judge another's heart? I don't know. The One who knows is God, and that is the judge. I believe there are atheists who are really iconoclasts in disguise. A hunger and thirst for righteousness alongside a sincere struggle for purity of heart is what I believe is fruitful and important. The virtues that come from God are universally what make people strong.

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EldonG(550) Disputed
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I call.

I'm an atheist because I read the bible. Read it, sometime - it's insane. Once I realized that, it dawned on me that there didn't have to be a god, and the likelihood was stunningly small. Then, with some studying, it dawned on me why religion is still so powerful, no matter how ludicrous it is - people are terrified of not having the answers, and we simply don't, and probably never will...not that that should be scary, but the priests make it into the most terrifying thing there is. That's how you control people, and make people pay for what you want without really working.


The bible: TL:DR.

I did.

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TzarPepe(793) Clarified
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The people who killed Jesus were scribes and priests. Religious scholars.

Just because you have read the bible doesn't mean you understand the testament.

You can deny gods all you want, but if you deny God, you are denying The Supreme and Ultimate Reality. It is a position that is intrinsically self defeating.

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