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 Do major corporations support free market capitalism? (4)

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Do major corporations support free market capitalism?

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No, I would think not. We turned to socialism in a direct financial crisis, and you cannot let a bunch of capitalists run around and control the economy.(Although some of it is good.) But with that, there needs to be some Government superiority.

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"Major corporations" of the fortune 500 type most often support their own ability to generate profit. Government regulation can promote or hinder a major corporation's ability to generate profit, and corporations often attempt to influence the government's regulatory powers so that they can increase their own profit. Though corporations are usually beneficiaries of free market capitalism, it is extremely common for them to favor a "less free" market if such a market will benefit them financially.

I think in rhetoric they do but then come crying for a Government bailout when the times get rough.

Indeed. Most businesses would prefer to be allowed to do whatever they want with zero consequences. Most I've known would prefer the government do away with OSHA and the EPA so they can tear down the house next to you and bury the toxic waste there. Additionally, they would prefer to have no safety rules and no liability for employees getting killed as long as they make money.

HELL YES they support Free Market Capitalism.....