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Do minimum wage hikes help?

Whole Foods employees: Hours have been cut after $15/hour wage imposed by Amazon


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Of course they help you idiot. If multi-million dollar companies don't want to pay a fair price for labour then how is that the fault of workers? You seem to believe it is OK for companies to use blackmail to secure cheap labour, which obviously is because you're a noxious subhuman cretin. Do you suggest mass sweat shops like they use in India? Perhaps companies can just use kids if the adults refuse to work for next to nothing, right? I'm sure you'd love that.

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Amazon Raises Minimum Wage For Whole Foods Workers, Then Hours Get Cut. Amazon recently began a $15 minimum wage for its employees at Whole Foods, but then the grocery store began cutting workers' hours, according to the Guardian.1 day ago

Do you really know anything other than your spoon fed propaganda ??????

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Huge minimum pay increases like the $15 do little more than padding the Government with more tax revenues from those worker's paychecks.

The minimum wage workers who take these entry jobs spend their money at fast food joints like McDonalds. Have you noticed the increase in fast food prices to offset the higher minimum wage?

These companies will simply have more part time workers and use more automation to replace actual workers.

So what happens is low income people must pay more for fast food, groceries, and every other thing in life, and they will be no further ahead then before.

It is inflationary to simply force companies to pay more, and the companies will find ways to cut their cost in other areas. It's amazing the ignorance from those on the Left.

Did you notice after eight LONG years of Liberal Obama policies, attacking businesses, forcing them to pay more, we had RECORD numbers of people living on food stamps?

This is always the result of Socialistic policies from the Democrat Party. They supposedly care for the poor, and then implement policies that create more poor people!

This is actually their goal because poor people will more likely vote for the politician that panders to him with your tax dollar. The more poor people, the more Democrat votes.

It's no coincidence that Trump's pro business, pro growth policies have created RECORD numbers of better paying jobs for poor people.

The facts are right in front of your face if you care you use your brain.

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