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Do rape victims have the #RightToChoose adoption without the consent of the rapist?

31 states make it illegal for them to choose adoption without the consent of the rapist.


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As I am against abortions, I would say yes to adoption. I know those raped can not control that it happened. But they can control if they want to get an abortion. I find abortions wrong and unethical. So the only ethical thing besides keep the baby that will remind you of the rape, is to put it up for adoption.

And also 31 states it is legal for the rapist to file for custody of the child.

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That is so true. I had a pregnancy scare by my second rapist. I would freak out in that situation.....................................

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In my opinion if you can rape a woman who knows what you would do to that child. I do say the rapist has no rights concerning the welfare of the child , but I don't think the child should be aborted . I would rather the child be put up for adoption vs killing them .

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Yes. Forcing the woman to have any sort of contact with her rapist, even in matters of putting the child up for adoption, is cruel.

If she chooses to carry the child til birth then she should have every ability and right to put the child up for adoption, a man who rapes a woman wouldn't be a man who could be trusted to be a good father.

I am curious though, if we reversed roles and a woman raped a man and she became pregnant, do you think she should be allowed to keep the baby? Could he (the victim) file for full custody and win?

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Atrag(5433) Banned
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If it works like Spanish, English or German law (which are all the same on this issue) then it is far more complicated than that - probably more complicated than you personally can understand tbh. First, of course, the rapist is legally the father of the child (unless the mother was married to someone, in Germany and England). In order to make important changes in the life of the child, permission by both parents is needed. So, to do it without the permission of the rapist a court would first have to find that he isnt fit to be a father and have his partner rights removed. Then the mother CAN put the child up for adoption without the fathers permission.

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EldonG(550) Disputed
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A rapist is absolutely not fit to be a father. That's not complicated.

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cruzaders(341) Disputed
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He is not saying he supports what he said, he said that according to english , spanish and german law there is a preliminary step to make, of course a rapist is absolutely not fit to be a father

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Thank you. I was raped, and I should not have had to fear this issue.................................................................................

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