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 Do redheads have bad tempers? (6)

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Do redheads have bad tempers?

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From my personal experience i feel that we don't. i feel that we only get bad tempered when people blame our hair any time we get angry about something, and this is sooo annoying.

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Just roll with it and say, "Yeah, you better watch it buddy. You don't know red headed anger until you cross me." :)

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Nope I have a couple friends that definitely don't have bad tempers. I mean they get mad but doesn't everybody? So no I would say that they have just a bad a temper as anybody else.

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redheads have tempers just like me or you its part of our nature to get mad just like laughing is after hearing funny thing everybody get a temper we all need to control or tempers . just like the blode jokesweve all done something stupid a time or two

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Again, these debates really discriminate sometimes. Redheads do not have any worse tempers than anybody else. We are all humans, and people with bad tempers are just people with bad tempers, it doesn't matter what color their hair is. That's like saying, "Do black people have bad tempers?" or "Do Latinos have bad tempers?" or "Do white people have bad tempers?" It's very similar, at least.

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Yeah, people that think that red heads and blacks are NOT like everyone else when it comes to having a bad temper are prejudiced but Latinos definitely have a bad temper, that's why they carry knives ;)

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