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Do women lose their freedom after marriage?


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Hell No! In a marriage women gain lots of rights and freedoms. Like freedom to their husband's pay check. You don't believe me? Go out and get a divorce and then come talk to me ;)

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the women have been equal rights as they are for men.

Yet , they fail to find a link...

With equal rights, comes equal responsibilities...

Many women do not accept their marital responsibilities and blame that they lack freedom!

This is the case of 75% of the women on earth.

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Banshee(288) Disputed
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Are you NUTS? "Women do not accept their marital responsibilities"? That's just crazy talk, man. Most married women are still the primary caregivers for the kiddos and are saddled with most of the domestic chores, and we hold jobs. What else do you think we "ought" to be doing to uphold our half of marital responsibilities? Seriously, you want us to chew your food and wipe your butt too?

Please specify which marital responsibilities, exactly, you think women ought to be accepting and aren't -- and which marital responsibilities you think the men are accepting their fair share of. Because it sure looks to me like women are, in general, accepting a larger share of the marital responsibilities than their husbands do.

(Note please, however, that I am not arguing that married women have "lost their freedom", only that on average they take on a greater share of the marital responsibilities -- e.g., they make a greater total contribution to the collective responsibilities of childrearing, domestic upkeep, social and family communications, and financial support -- than their male partners. There are of course some women in abusive marriages who have "lost their freedom" because their partners are abusive and controlling, but I should hope that's only a small percentage of marriages.)

Side: depends on the marriage
phoenix(96) Disputed
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if it happens with you, its not the same law in the entire place.

many women appoint baby sitters for their own job...

many even appoint maids to cook rice even for husband and go for clubs and all the mess..

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Well yes and no. Getting married means responsibilities on both the man and woman, not just the woman. Men have to make sure there's food on the table and women have to make sure it's cooked right :D.

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Dude! Once a guy is married he becomes his wife's bitch. Not the other way around! (At least not in America) (;

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it purly depends on the man children inlaws etc etc........... .......................

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Although a woman is coerced into taking her husband's surname, she still has freedom after marriage.

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In some marriages, yes. Some people still believe that the man is supposed to be the boss. However, women do not automatically lose their freedom, except to the extent that both the man and the woman lose a bit of financial and legal freedom and independence...

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