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 Do you believe that 'fighting' sports should be outlawed? (53)

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Do you believe that 'fighting' sports should be outlawed?

MMA, Boxing and all those shenanigan to portray raw violence as something beautiful... If you kill the opponent, it's LITERALLY legalised murder. It's not like a soldier killing an enemy combatant because that's legally not called murder to begin with but basically this is legalising assault, battery and potentially murder...

It is brutal, disgusting... I tell the truth... I support banning this in their entirety. If my son wants to be a drug dealer, I will be happier than if he wants to be a professional fighter who ends up breathing through a straw for doing his f***ing job.

Sorry but the world is utterly stupid to glorify this stuff. I don't care if my own best friend or family member likes it or does it... I will tell them to their face how idiotic the industry is and barbaric the entire concept is.
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Boxing and many of the martial arts teaches countless violent youths how to control and channel their aggression into the disciplines of their sport.

Banning these athletic events would release many more resentful hotheads onto the streets to cause violent mayhem and drive such sports underground where the criminal elements would organize and control the sports.

Bare knuckle fighting and competitions without rules and medical supervision would become even more widespread than they are now.

These sports would be riddled with gangsters fixing fights to enable them to clean up at the bookies.

Boxing has offered a way out of poverty for numerous young men and, to a lesser extent, girls.

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But in all seriousness, it's consensual and the government can bugger off with regulating what people do with their own bodies.

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All crimes are what someone does with their own body.


Jace(4672) Disputed
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Yes. You begin to catch my drift. #antarchy

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Yes. I refrain from watching sports like boxing, wrestling, etc. Not only is it barbaric, but it's very dangerous too. I'm fine with judo, karate and other martial arts, because they're made for the express purpose of self-defence. And of course there's the rabid fanbase as well. It's good entertainment, but so were the gladiatorial games. It's similar when you think of it.

Similar indeed. At least there are some sane people left on Earth :)

I don't believe in violence outside of war. I believe pacifism, if viable, should be engaged and that negotiating is far more important than 'defeating' in life.


It isn't "literally legalised murder" for at least two reasons.

A) It's consensual.

B) You aren't intentionally trying to kill your opponent. Incapacitate, sure, but not kill.

MMA is great entertainment. I would also argue that a lot of people who get into MMA and boxing would be beating people up in the streets without these outlets for their aggression. What do you suppose would have happened to Mike Tyson had he not discovered boxing?

Amarel(3873) Disputed
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I would also argue that a lot of people who get into MMA and boxing would be beating people up in the streets without these outlets for their aggression

Have you ever even met a martial artist?

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LOL, You mean the guy who is now living in some one bedroom apartment, in debt to many people, fucked his whole career for good with the rape case as well as drunken driving (the biting of the ear wasn't career-killing he could have been a sensational ex-boxer and had a press heavy career but he went and raped some vulnerable chicks and drunken drive on the regular like a fucktard)?????


Look, the guy was great in his prime but now he aint worth shit.

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Hello GL:


Oh, they will be, because the nanny state can't abide people taking risks with their own bodies.. Football will be next, then gymnastics, and skiing, followed quickly by a ban on dodge ball.. God forbid we hurt ourselves..


GoodListener(628) Clarified
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You want people to have coma-inducing accidents or at least permanently damaging in some way on the regular?

Is this a sport worth keeping legal?

Don't strawman this to be a sport with protective gear and many safety measures to ensure death and deep tissue damage are minimised, this is fullest of the full contact sports and is about doing everything to a person's body (minus poisoning them) that a doctor would scream never to do to a body.

excon(8528) Disputed
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You want people to have coma-inducing accidents

Hello again, GL:

Aren't you the one criticizing others for their reading skills?? You are, aren't you??

This ISN'T a matter of what I want... It IS a matter of what free people choose to do with their lives, and in this great country of ours, I believe they should have that RIGHT.


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1) The sports do have rules, referees, as well as medical staff on standby.

2) Participants are there voluntarily.

3) Quite frankly some of it (Wrestling) is faked or at least follows a script.

4) It will probably always exist. So do you want your public seeking out the outlawed arenas where it is practiced or to simply watch at home or in a sanctioned arena? It's a whole lot safer to just keep it in the legal up and up.

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The fans of the non-scripted MMA sport are among the most vile, sadistic of any fanbase you can imagine.

Read what they post to fighters' Twitter pages the moment they haven't had a fight for a while. They make them feel like utter shit and like a piece of meat only worth their fight. Unlike pornography, in MMA you are not going to have some fans who admire you and dig the shit you do while still respecting you and others who see you as a piece of meat. No no no, in MMA and Boxing you purely are your body... A piece of meat to be left out to dry.

Who gives a shit about how good you look while fighting? They only give a shit if they bet on the right guy. Sports-betting corporations laugh their heads off every big event.

Grenache(6104) Disputed
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Are you sure about that?

My gym years back had an introductory class to MMA and despite being the oldest participating I took it with about a half dozen others. They were pretty normal people. And none of us where ever going to be real contenders, they were essentially fans and just wanted to see what they could do themselves. Often they talked about fighters they'd watched and it was always with reverence.

It only takes a dozen or so loud mouths on the web to create an impression there is an upswell one way or another. Just look at this site. You'd think society has gone 90% far right conservative based on the topics and screaming voices in here. But that's not true. Perhaps the Twitter maniacs are just another case of a handful of idiots being idiots?

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It all boils down to one thing - informed consent. If they wanted to use swords, and literally kill each other, it's their lives. People do all sorts of insane things, every day. A far higher percentage of people have sustained injury or even death climbing difficult mountains. Do we outlaw mountain climbing?

What about cave diving? Base jumping? Street luge? Bull riding?

As to the fans being sadists - you want to get rid of this method of release? What do you figure happens then?

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Send all the fuckers to therapy, I tell you.

EldonG(550) Disputed
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I am a pacifist. I oppose war utterly - though I recognize the need to defend a sovereign nation.

I watch MMA fights on occasion. The skill and athletic ability of some of the fighters flatly amaze me - and sometimes, simply the raw toughness and tenacity.

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Definitely. Then it would be fight clubs all the way down.

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Fighting sports should NOT be outlawed. Here are some reasons why.

1. Fighting is prevalent in any society. And because of bullying people take up a fighting sport to learn how to protect themselves. So if we outlaw the fighting sport, the opportunity for people to learn how to protect themselves because of oppression from bullies, now becomes illegal. The flow on effect, bullies become oppressors with no one to stop them, and the style of oppression these bullies incorporate does not warrant using weapons and arms to stop them harassing. So what should the victim do, tell someone else so they can try and stop the harassment? Then the oppressor has a new target to practice their new found strength on, and the oppression continues.

2. Fighting sports is one of the most effective ways for people to develop self confidence and self protection. If people didn't fight back there would be two kinds of people in this world. Oppressors and victims. Even the simple act of SPEAKING back can incur a violent response, so what then let the violent act occur without a like-minded response.

3. Violence is prevalent in every society. One of a few ways people learn to protect themselves is through fighting sports.

4. Women being raped. Without learning to protect themselves from fighting sports many more women would be victims of rape and sex crimes, than has already happened.

5. If you want to outlaw fighting sports, you will have to outlaw all full contact sports entirely. Because Rugby, Rugby League, Grid Iron, Ice Hockey have the potential to do a lot more serious harm and cause much more injuries than fighting sports can. Based on tackles and full contact hits from sports like grid iron and rugby etc, the amount of ex-players in these sports who suffer from serious medical conditions is astounding, yet very little is spoken about these conditions and the causes of them.

6. You see a few people get a couple of black eyes, and fat lip and other injuries and call for an outlaw on this form of sport. What about motor car racing, equestrian, show jumping, sky diving, etc? The risk of serious injury or even fatality is present in any sport in the world. Even chess can cause mental stress and potentially depression, should we outlaw chess too, because mental anxieties can cause a person to commit murder.

The point of the argument is, fighting sports has many benefits, and in comparison to other sports it is a lot more safer with fewer risks. Risks are still present, but they are more easily mitigated.

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1. Completely untrue in this day and age. If it is true, it needs to be stamped out, not encouraged to prosper.

2. No, there are much more mentally healthy and productive ways to gain self esteem and mental health than becoming a professional fighter or even aspiring to be one.

3. Same as number 1.

4. LOL WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Women being raped doesn't get fixed by legalising fighting sports on a professional level. What if the rapist also learns the martial art? Checkmate? Stupid argument, not even going to respect you for trying on that one, that was utterly horrendous and is just a shock-factor argument as everyone who is sane hates rapists.

5. Hockey and Rugby have much more mental aspects to the sport than raw fighting sports do but absolutely I am willing to outlaw them in my country if it's one or the other.

6. No, people have died, had their rib puncture their heart from a powerful punch (Tyson did this to a guy for instance) and just all around deterioration of everything, the constant knocking on the skull causes brain trauma/damage of the prefrontal cortex which is why all fighters end up seeming to have ADHD because they actual damage the part of the brain responsible for inhibiting impulses and regulating focus.

Professional fighting sports have no benefits for societies at all other than economic benefits for the betting corporations and broadcasting corporation. Really, no good has ever (and I mean ever) come from MMA or boxing. At least with martial arts tournaments, you are restricted to specific moves that can't kill in one shot.

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Why should you care what two consenting adults do with each other? People have violent drives and if you don't give these drives an outlet they will spill over into society at large.

jolie(9804) Banned
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Anyone who tries to get fighting sports outlawed should get their ass kicked ;)

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Not funny and very pathetic.

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That's why referees exist, to stop the fight if it looks like one of them isn't going to be able to walk away. And there are work related injuries and deaths every day throughout all industries, those in the ring step in there knowing and accepting the risks involved.

Peace is all well and good, but we're naturally violent creatures. Trying to force that out of our DNA through legislation can't end well, but one way we can control our violence is to embrace it and use it positively (for sport, for self defense, military service, etc.)

Go read Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. That'll give you a better perspective than I can. Then go find someone who can take some punches and is willing to beat the ever loving shit out of you if you don't do the same to them first. I don't mean that insultingly, sarcastically, or metaphorically, I'm telling you that for your own benefit- it is a life changing event.