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Do you believe that we are slowly destroying ourselves.


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In this world nothing is really lasting. Some of the diseases that are out there is out there because we created some of them. Sitting down every day you lose life. Humans weren't made to sit down. We were made to walk long distance. Internet has made out health issue even greater. Yeah we live longer but with more depression because we are constantly not happy with the life we don't have than the ones we have.

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Well... we start dying at conception so... yes! Final answer!

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But I just love junk food no fair!

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dude what in the world is that oh i just love junk food

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I just responded to the title of your debate.

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As individuals or species? Destroying as in killing or undermining morally or something else altogether? The vagueness of this question defaults me to negation.

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I'm going to say no. Our population is increasing, our per-capita crime rate is decreasing, and medicine has been gradually reducing the mortality rate of many illnesses.

As of this moment, we are not slowly destroying ourselves as a species, but rather we are slowly gaining strength as a species.

That said, a number of human activities today may be setting ourselves up for eventual slow destruction, but said slow destruction has not actually started yet.

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