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 Do you find that as you change, you deal with the same/similar situation very differently? (24)

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Do you find that as you change, you deal with the same/similar situation very differently?

How much have you changed in your life, maybe you've changed far and then bounced back towards the younger you... Maybe you've have many zigzags.... Tell us your story.
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Oh yes. That's a part of growing though. I think if you remain the same then you either haven't had enough life experiences to say you've truly lived, or you've squandered your chances at learning because there is a fear that your current perceptions have other possibilities.

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I upvoted you but for the sake of argument, what if your natural personality just happened to be near ideal/optimal? Your post assumes that since most humans are born very flawed and need to learn a lot of self restraint to mature away from the nightmare juveniles they were into mature, pleasant adults that this means those who happened to have very pleasant and effective natural personas need change and alter themselves much at all.

Mint_tea(3498) Disputed
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Born flawed? No. Born inexperienced, yes. But we grow and evolve as a person as we experience life.

When we were kids our lives centered around our families.

When we were teens they centered around our social status.

As adults they center around both.

And what personality is optimal? What personality works for one doesn't always work for another. What qualities someone finds in a mate may also not work for another. I try to have a positive attitude, but I know it grates on people when I am hopelessly optimistic. I don't think there is such a thing as ideal/optimal since we are all so very different.

And there are some adults that aren't so pleasant. Just like there are some juveniles who act more mature.

AlofRI(1865) Clarified
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I up-voted her because what she "assumes" is far more correct, far more of the time, than it is incorrect.

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Yes. If I didn't than I wouldn't have changed, at least not in any notable way.

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While witty, this doesn't quite prove the question moot.

The change, physically, as you grow and get healthier/unhealthier in phases as well as try out different styles of clothing and what not is inescapable. So, the question is really while you (inescapably) physically alter throughout your life, do you find you deal with very similar situations quite differently implying a personality-level change on top of the physical one.

The question is not really the yes/no angle it implies which is why I didn't make this a for/against type debate. I'm really asking you to expand on the changes and vent a little.

Jace(4669) Disputed
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The only possible changes are physical changes, mental changes being changes of the material brain. At any rate, my answer still resolves your question because whether the change be physical or cognitive-physical it's still only notable if it effects how one engages their environment.

I'm not sure what I'm meant to vent about in this context. I'm not attached to earlier versions of my self, nor to my present self. Change is inescapable and beyond our control, so attachment to permanence is just a cause for suffering.

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We're older parents and there is definitely a different tone in families with older vs younger parents. The kids reflect it. If I'd had my two boys when I was 25 I'm sure both they and I would be a lot hotter headed, have different priorities, and even be different politically. Heck, there was a time right out of high school you could have called me conservative Republican. Imagine that. Luckily I grew.

GoodListener(628) Clarified
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You and Mint_Tea are husband and wife?

Grenache(6104) Clarified
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No. I'm not sure where you got that idea. I believe she is in West Virginia. I'm in the Boston area.

And personally I'm not interested in fusing tea with wine.