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Do you miss Highschool?

Sometimes i get these dreams where i'm in highschool again but a different variation of it. I miss it. I guess because it was a special 4 years of my life. Well i did have ups and downs but overall, i miss it. I graduated in 2009 btw. Who else misses it? lawls


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Hello T:

I miss it, and for the same reasons you do.. As you've noticed, we're anomalies.. Most people think they've grown up. I try to stay in touch with my high school friends, too.. But, most of 'em aren't interested.. I graduated over 50 years ago.


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Have you tried facebook Con? I found 300+ of the people I graduated with and even got in touch with about 20 of them over time whether just through the site's private messaging or in real life.

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I don't really miss it. Sometimes, I do but I'm glad that I'm moving forward to greater and better things.

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I finish high school in four days, and I'll definitely miss a lot of it. I won't say that I'll look back on this as the best time of my life, but I have grown very much here, and met a lot of good people.

The one thing I won't miss is the fact that it is an all boys school, that part's killing me.

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It's everyone's right to pick and choose their favorite times in life. Some may say childhood, some high school, some a time frame in their adult lives. But I think implicit in whatever time period you choose is the admission that your life events after that simply weren't as great. And in a way that's a little sad.

My childhood was fine. High school was fine. College was fine. Young adult life was fine. Getting married and having my two amazing kids blows all the rest of those things away. And probably, as an old man years from now, as health fades and money drains, probably those latter years will not replace the present as my favorite. But then again who knows?

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I miss having working, functioning limbs, but in honesty, the only thing I really miss is driving my teachers bat crazy. I knew the ISS teacher quite well. I was very agressive trying to get one teacher to date me in front of the class, but it was a no go. I think she wanted it though. Who wouldn't want a piece of bront?

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