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Do you support Donald Trump as U.S. President? If so, why? If not, why not?

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Hello j:

Nahh.. He's too orange for my taste...................


1 point

When you don't list CNN as the number one unreliable source then this debate is already off on the wrong foot, however, all Americans should support our president, no matter who he is, to make the correct decisions that will benefit AMERICANS!

excon(9847) Disputed
1 point

Americans should support our president no matter who he is

Hello birther,

Nahhh. I got better things to do.


foratag(257) Clarified
1 point

Hello birther? Are you mentally okay? Some of your responses would seem to suggest otherwise.

I do support him. He takes no salary, just donated one million dollars to victims of Hurricane Harvey, both party's elitists hate him, and he loves America.

1 point

While also planning to cut one billion dollars from disaster relief.

Or he just signed over billions od dollars in aid....$79-billion-harvey-aid-request-to-congress/2367443/

1 point

Check this debate out and judge for yourself, if this doesn't give you the full picture, i don't know what will

Supporting Evidence: Live Video Debate on Trump's collusion with Russia (