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Do you think Hillary supporters will vote for McCain out of spite?


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Some of them will support McCain, almost certainly. Clinton deliberately made the issue of her nomination a 'personal' issue for many people, from Floridians to white people to women to older people. She couldn't win on policy, so she aimed for the lowest side of human nature, and there's always profit in that, more's the pity.

I would like to believe that they will rise above their disappointment, and I'm sure that by the time we get to November -- God only knows what gas will cost, or how many mothers will have buried children by then -- they will look at McCain, swallow their anger and do what's right for the country by voting Democratic.

Still, what Hillary did was the oldest trick in politics, and it's never failed to work. Those who don't stop and think will probably cast their vote for the entirely wrong guy, for the entirely wrong reason, because of an entirely wrong argument from a campaign that cared more about winning than about being right.

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A good number of them yes. I don't understand it, but I think they will. I mean it's been Hilary who's been attacking Obama throughout the campaign, who's damaging the democratic party with every day she holds out.

You're supposed to vote on politics, not people, but I've run across too many that can't look past what they don't like about the man, and focus on the issues.

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1 point

Not all of them will, however a decent sized portion will support McCain. According to a recent Gallup poll, 28% of Hillary supporters would vote Republican if it came down to McCain vs. Obama. Not surprising since Hillary is attacking Obama with everything she can possibly pull out of her rectum while her campaign spirals down into oblivion - it makes sense that some of the less free-thinking supporters would hang on to every word of hers and will convince themselves that John McCain is somehow a better choice than Obama. And a couple of political blogs are speculating that McCain will make a move to woo Clinton's female supporters over to his side (

What's completely ludicrous about this, is that McCain wants to overturn Roe vs. Wade (as proudly stated on his very own campaign website), and recently opposed a Senate bill seeking equal wages for women, stating that they don't need equality in the workplace, just "education and training" ( Yeah, great way to win over the ladies, bud.

Supporting Evidence: Poll (
| Side: Yes
1 point

It's quite possible. Hillary's biggest voters bloc was women. Women have always been the Democrats' biggest demographic. Yet, a recent poll shows that only 49% of women support Barack Obama.

With 10% of women "undecided," this could still turn into a 3 to 2 split for Obama, with McCain getting roughly 40% to Obama's 60%.

Regardless, it's hard to remember a Democrat having to fight that hard for the women's vote. He might just have to put Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius on his ticket in order to get a voters bloc that is pretty much guaranteed to any other Democrat.

Supporting Evidence: Obama leads McCain by just 10% among women (
| Side: Women's Vote
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I am sure McCain dearly hopes so.

Hey, maybe Hillary hopes so too, that way she can have a serious bid again in 2012.

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Yes, because McCain is not a real Conservative Republican.

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Maria0305(37) Disputed
3 points

No, actually we wouldn't. I would vote based on the issues - not the person.

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5 points

For Hillary Clinton supporters to vote for McCain out of spite would be beyond baffling, it would be sad.

It would be a self-defeating phenomenon, given that the policies of the Republican Party benefit the wealthy and powerful at the great expense of the average worker. If you haven't already read it, check out the book referenced in my supporting evidence below.

Supporting Evidence: What's the Matter with Kansas? (
| Side: No
3 points

I completely agree, it would be total sad, but maybe it's what Hillary wants. After all, what did you expect from a Clinton.

| Side: No
4 points

Thinking that Hillary supporters will vote Republican is just a little too much hubris. They'll fall in line like loyal Democrats. sheep. sheep.

| Side: No

Do I think that hardcore democrats will vote for a Republican after 8 straight years of Republican nightmare just because their specific primary candidate didn't make it? Hell. No.

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2 points

I don't think hardcore democrats will sway, but I found the video very interesting. There were about 30 other videos of the same concept. All had middle class white females saying they would vote for McCain over Obama. I feel as if they were taking the nomination personally.

| Side: No
3 points

No, Obamas policies are much closer to hers than McCains.

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3 points

I'm voting no. And I'm hoping no. But i think a lot is resting on what Hillary Clinton herself decides to do. I believe she had a great opportunity to try to bring her supporters under the umbrella last night, and she didn't. I'm anxious to see what she'll do in the next 48 hours. If she puts herself 100% behind Obama, I feel that many of her supporters' wounds will heal themselves over the next couple of months. SURE there will be some that will vote for McCain out of spite, but the ones who will take a step back and actually look at the policy differences between Obama and McCain, which are like day and night, respectively, the supporters will have no other choice (in good conscience) than to vote for Sen. Obama. There is no other viable option. The time is now. I think that her supporters (the angry ones) will come around. How quickly and passionately they do will be determined by Sen. Clinton's words and actions in the next couple of days. The speech to AIPAC is a good start (

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2 points

Most of Hillary's following are old-school Dems who loathe Reps too fiercely to pull a stunt like that. Considering the demographics of her support, staunch Clinton Dems will likely just not show up. This bodes ill for Obama. But that's for another debate.

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Not if Obama makes her his VP. An Obama / Clinton ticket may be hard to beat.

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1 point

If you support Hillary, then you support the democratic party.

This is a link to a CCN article from March, stating "Clinton stressed that there are “significant” differences between her and Obama, but said “those differences pale to the differences between us and Sen. McCain.”

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Hillary supporters should not vote for McCain if it can be proven that Obama has the experience necessary to be president. For example, what are his legislative accomplishments? Sure he's an excellent speaker, but is that enough? He's going to be guiding the future of the U.S.. That's a big responsibility. Shouldn't we be a little more critical of him? I mean, are people voting for Obama to spite the Republican party? Hey, that may be a good debate ;)

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1 point

Anyone who supports Hillary and who pays attention to Palin could never vote for McCain, out of sprite or otherwise. The two women are diametrically opposed on virtually every issue. For those Hillary supports that vote their conscience based on the issues instead of politics a vote for McCain violates their own beliefs. I think people will not do that, no matter how upset they are over Hillarys' treatment.

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Some one, but not all

| Side: No

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