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Do you think prostitution should be legalized?

There are some people that think prostitution should be legal, what do you think?

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In places where it can be regulated.

Because people are going to pay for it, the government might as well get in on that action. People are going to do it, the government might as well ensure it's up to a safety code.

Also, it seems to be working out just fine in the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

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I think if you want to be a prostitute, there should be some kind of .. system, where you get hired.

Because there are so many women who are forced to do it, it would be better if women came in and .. asked for a job.

I haven't really thought this through, but my point is, that there should be some kind of system, that would secure women, so women weren't forced to do it, but did it because .. they really wanted to.

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I have only thing to say, heck yea .

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I don't see any reason to oppose prostitution especially since pornography is already legal, I want liberty for this country that is the reason I view prostitution as a human right!

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If it becomes legal then technically it could be taxable income.

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States can make lots of money from State controlled houses of prostitution.

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There is porn, which has regulations in place to ensure 100% of porn stars have either no STDs or non-contagious disorders (yes they do sometimes have an odd set of warts or whatever but the problem is these poor souls never make it far in the industry).

If we have porn, then there is no need to have prostitution since that is virtually impossible to regulate.

If you instead had an anarchy where if a prostitute was in any way harmed or raped the local mob would lynch the abuser, then you would understand the ingenious mind of this prodigy.

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No! Why would we do that? It would haut make more people end up on the streets and infested with stds!

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Quocalimar(6470) Disputed
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The act of making it legal, would find a way to make it regulated. Thus defeating the std argument.

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