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Do you want Amazon to enter your home to deliver when you're not home?


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Look, I'm sure for some people in some scenarios this is ideal. Indeed back when I lived in apartment buildings around Boston I had some stuff stolen and may have considered getting this Amazon lock feature.

But I think those are a small percentage of the working scenarios.

If you're in a rental place your ability to have a special Amazon lock put on is limited or nonexistent, and even if your own unit has it the front door of the whole building wouldn't necessarily.

If you own your own home odds are, in more places than not, it's in a safe enough place something can sit at your front door most of the time without getting stolen.

If you own your own home but are in a high crime area then this just might work, but then again criminals find ways to defeat almost everything electronic so I'm not sure adding this ability is safe. Hey, if they can fit scanners on ATMs to steal your pass info then I've got to believe they can find a way to defeat the Amazon lock.

And I'll tell you at work we have certain vendors permitted to have door access and deliver deskside. Although there are many scenarios where it's fine there are others where they're wandering off and getting into places or things they shouldn't, or they just dump the item at the door anyway despite having access, or they totally bungle what goes where and then folks on the back end are stuck with making it right. I just don't think giving them front door access will be without surprises like those.

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On the flip side, this will probably translate into traditions like putting milk and cookies out for Santa Claus, and to sit-com plots, and most definitely into porn fantasy scenarios.

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Seems to me they might be opening up a Pandora's Box of potential lawsuits.

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