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 Does Mankind Deserve Geniuses? (2)

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Does Mankind Deserve Geniuses?

What good is genius and philosophical work when it s just wasted on I le thumping knuckle drafters. DOES MAN DESERVE to be enlightened?! They can’t think about anything further than dieing and going to heaven. Don’t give a shit about future generations. Don’t give shit about Earth. We badly need a thinning!
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We would need a hundred more Einsteins to balance out the level of sophomoric retardation spewing from Nomenclature's keyboard.

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We certainly have more "sophomoric retardation" than genius floating around. Man does NOT deserve THAT!

I offer as proof, recent remarks of outlaw60 and raptor-something-or-other, and . of course, the present occupier of the White House. ;-)