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Does Technology Improve or Complicate our lives?

Do you think that all this technological inventions make our lifes easier or harder?


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It definitely has made our lives easier. Harder? No, maybe more dangerous though with nukes and stuff.

4 years ago | Side: SO EASY
1 point

Alot of people don't even know where their food comes from.Which to me means technology made and making life easier

4 years ago | Side: SO EASY
1 point

technology has made our life very easy, but for students like me and many more, learning how the electronic gadgets work is the most difficult part. so I guess in some ways technology has improved our lives although it has even created problems for us;);)

3 years ago | Side: so Easy yet so Hard
1 point

I think it has made our lives easier than before.I agree that some of the gadgets are complicated to use at the beginning but as time passes on,it makes our work a lot easier.Mobile phones,computer,iphones,digi cams have altogether made our life so easy and comfortable.

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3 years ago | Side: SO EASY

Technology has improved our lives. It has provided numerous gadgets such as this computer, higher food supply, travel across the world in short time periods, and many others.

4 years ago | Side: SO EASY
Spoonerism(825) Disputed
1 point

I wouldn't say that technology has improved our food supply. In fact, just the opposite. Our food supply has become lethal thanks to technology.

4 years ago | Side: OMG SO HARD
1 point

Food supply has only become lethal because of transportation and mishandling of food.

4 years ago | Side: SO EASY
2 points

it may have made our lives easier now, but its going to make them a damn lot harder in the near future. our ipods, computers and fancy cars aint going to help much when the water starts to rise and the sun scalds the vegetation until it's charcoal and dust

4 years ago | Side: OMG SO HARD
0 points

I love technology. But (and this could be a side effect of too many movies and prejudices), you gotta think back to the old days, when people's lives were so simple...

Technology does improve our lives. At the same time, it complicates them;)

4 years ago | Side: OMG SO HARD
Dwaynevaq132(2) Disputed
2 points

When where peoples lives simple. They had more disease, died younger and unnecessary, and were less educated.

4 years ago | Side: SO EASY
Pessimist(181) Disputed
1 point

Doesn't make life any more difficult......................................................

4 years ago | Side: OMG SO HARD

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