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He DOES Trump can DO no wrong
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Does Trump think we're FOOLS?????


Clearly, Trump ADMITTED the voice on the Access Hollywood tape WAS his..  Now, he DENIES it.

Have we TRULY landed in bonkersland?? 



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Trump can DO no wrong

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The old saying "It takes one to know one" should be changed to "It takes one to ACT like one!" If you put up your Christmas Tree this year and it has a dim bulb, don't change it, name it Donald T.!

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Well look at all the people who still adore him and excuse his very wrong actions by shouting about past Presidents. They are fools of the highest order but he is still their King.

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Apparently he thinks we're all at least as stupid as he is, and that says quite a lot, to me. He's playing to his base, which are apparently the dullest third of the country.

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He prides himself in striking hard deals which put him ahead and stick it to his opponents. Consider the scenario in which he and his rich cronies are on one side of the deal and the American public is on the other. In his Presidency he keeps sticking it to the rest of us. Which means he thinks he is smart and we're all fools.

Think of his past. The small vendors he refused to pay. The deals with mafia. The bankruptcies which left others to hold the bag instead of himself. Well he will do all those things to the American people.

Saying one thing and then saying the opposite later is just one more way he treats us like fools.

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Consider the scenario

And yet we never see these theories or "scenarios" actually manifest and happen in real life... It must be anti-liberal voodoo magic stuff...

I mean, ya know, when Trump starts rounding up blacks... never happens

Or when Trump is trolled by one foreign leader and begins launching nukes like gangbusters... never happens

Or when Trump starts giving noogies to the homeless...

Or when Trump drinks from the magic dark chalice of Satanism and begins manifesting colors that didn't exist...

Or when Trump rides his unicorn to the pennacle of the Earth and splits the moon with a cheese slicing spell...

Oh my...what will I do?

I'm going to tie my balls in a knot and begin running in circles sniffing every cat in the neighborhood. Watch me.

Side: Trump can DO no wrong

1)Well, here's what we know Con. Libs are molesting like mad, and you couldn't care less because it's never about the thing with libs.

2)On the tape, Trump's supposed voice never admits to anything non- consensual. He says they let you do anything you want...

3)Libs love drama. Considering the foam at the mouth media's tactics and antics, you got what you wanted when Trump was elected. Now sit back and enjoy the show that Liberalism created.

Does Trump think we're fools

No. Libs are fools. They'll actually tell you he's a lib, then attack him for not wearing his donkey badge. They glorified his behavior...until he wasn't wearing the donkey badge. They defended Bill...because he wore the donkey badge. Libs turn a blind eye to hundreds of millions of Muslim women treated like eighth class citizens because Muslim men rate high on the liberal pecking order of untouchables. And now they are mad that karma hunted them down and dumped their own hypocrisy onto the stage for all to see.

I'm getting my popcorn. Watching you freaks change side on every single position on a dime is great entertainment. Thanks for being a three ring circus.

In other news, the economy is great, and the market is through the roof... libs? Nerry a peep because there's no peep to be had.

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Libs are molesting like mad


To summarize, a woman filed a federal lawsuit against Trump for raping her in 1994 when she was just 13 years old. The plaintiff accuses Trump of initiating sex with her four times at the home of convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, Trump’s friend. The fourth time, the woman says Trump tied her to a bed and raped her. She claims he hit her and threatened to harm her and her family if she told anyone. b10832950.html

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And of course these accusers allmagically vanished once the election was over.

Maybe you don't understand due proccess. Innocent until proven guilty? Well, Trump denies the claims against him. These libs admit to these claims against them, so we know for a demonstrable fact that they did it. Any questions?

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