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No, there is always something Yes, we create existence
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Does believing in something create its existence?

Let's take God. If, in the past, humans did not come up with the theory of God, would he/she therefore not exist, as they aren't part of our knowledge and we would have no way of knowing about him/her?

No, there is always something

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Yes, we create existence

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Believing in something is merely an endorsement of an idea. There is nothing to suggest that it creates anything of objective substance.

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ThinkerLad(267) Disputed
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Yes I am talking about existence in terms of a universal and ideological sense.

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Jace(4672) Disputed
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Universality cannot be accomplished by one person or even a lot of people believing in something; it must be common among all people to qualify, and arguably even independent of human conception.

Ideological existence is different from actual existence; that the idea of a thing exists does not mean that the thing represented by the idea exists itself. At most, believing in something creates that idea of its existence but not its actual existence.

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If believing in something creates its existence then not believing in something should destroy its existence and when you see it that way around it's obviously false.

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31337(560) Disputed
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That could easily be countered by someone else believing in it's existence.

As long as someone believes it then it suits the criterion.

Believing that something is absent, isn't believing something, because it's believing that there is nothing there. Nothing can not be something.

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instig8or(3307) Disputed
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So what is empty space?

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Naturally - just look at the world around us. It is so much a different place to the one that I grew up in post WWII

Our creative thoughts and imagination have produced everything we have made and use in our world today.

We now know far much more than we did in 1945, our technology and science have improved the lives of millions, all from the ideas of the minds of the people who created them

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I will opine that nothing exists unless a brain is there to think of existence.

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Cartman(18192) Disputed
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Apparently you believe bacteria didn't exist before organisms with brains.

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Whether real or a fanciful notion, to the believer it does.

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