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Does our daily activities affect the increase of poverty?


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Especially if we expect to be supported by helium filled tax cuts and do all we can to keep from paying our fair share .. like "The Donald" has admitted to. He giveth and he taketh away, both with his own little hands. If he gets away with it you will be able to actually watch the increase in poverty ... daily.

A few days ago, CEO's were asked outright if they would "invest in America" if they got these "tax cuts for the middle class". There were NO takers! Those in poverty cannot get out if all the money is in the hands of the elite few. We need Boehner back in congress, at least we'll be able to SEE something "trickle down" when he cries. The swamp is deeper, and has larger predators than ever. That's how the REAL elite measures success! Poverty is gaining success with every passing day regardless of where Wall Street is going (actually with the HELP of Wall Street). THEY will continue to invest where they can make MORE profit ... with our money!

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If you're talking about personally, yes. While many other factors exist, one's personal choices are a major determinant of one's economic position.

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It depends on whose activities and whose poverty you are referring to. Everyone effects their own condition, but whether and to what extent a person effects the condition of another will vary.

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Lately here, I haven't been working. My knee has been giving me fits...and I have other excuses. Yes, excuses...none are solid reasons. I have enough cash to support my lifestyle for now...but it's definitely affecting the increase of my own poverty.

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My first response is no, but it's a very vague question. Could you please clarify some more? How would our daily activities increase poverty?

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