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The optimal diet is different The optimal diet is the same
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Does race effect diet?

Humans have lived in many diverse environments for many thousands of years and in certain climates and regions, certain food sources are more plentiful or scarce than others. Have humans from different parts of the world adapted to different diets? Can an eskimo go vegan? Can a jamaican live on nothing but fish, blubber, organ meat, and the occasional handful of berries?

The optimal diet is different

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The optimal diet is the same

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Humans from different regions have adapted to different diets because the same food sources are not always as plentiful and others are. We are all still omnivores but some gene pools have adapted to rely more heavily on certain food sources or have a higher or lower tolerance to certain foods. For instance, Eskimos eat a diet almost entirely comprised of meat, asians are more likely to be lactose intolerant and white people eat the raw hearts of black babies and are the only race that can actually feed off of suffering itself.

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Yes. The longer the race is, the more you tend to eat after the run to replinish needed vitamins and energy reserves.

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