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Yes he does! No he doesn't.
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Berrystar(158) pic

Does the annoying orange REALLY need a show?

I personally think he doesn't but whatever your thoughts are leave em below :D

Yes he does!

Side Score: 6

No he doesn't.

Side Score: 9

well, toddlers and little kids enjoy watching it cuz their too young to realize how annoying it is to adults. :)

| Side: Yes he does!

Annoyance is defined as entertainment to the bored people

| Side: Yes he does!
2 points

No, no it does not...

Although having Tobuscus on the show makes it watchable. ;)

| Side: No he doesn't.
1 point

I don't really think he does need a show. He already has a show on YouTube but I guess the creator of the annoying orange want more money.

| Side: No he doesn't.
1 point

It's amusing how some people are so easily entertained.

| Side: No he doesn't.
1 point

But a lot of characters shouldn't have their own show.

I guess it's popular enough, so maybe they do deserve a show.

| Side: No he doesn't.
1 point

What's so funny about an animated orange saying some of the dumbest, non-funniest things in the world? What we all call "funny" is an insult to people's intelligence.

| Side: No he doesn't.
1 point

i don't like the annoying orange. it is definitly a waste of money to have a show for him.

| Side: No he doesn't.
1 point

You cannot say that you do not like shows and characters. Everybody should respect characters. and ANNOYING ORANGE is nice.

| Side: Yes he does!
Berrystar(158) Disputed
1 point

Respect a few pixels? What, are you preparing for the machine war and guessing, that, those characters will pop out? Thats about as dumb as trusting Lumpy with a machine gun.

| Side: No he doesn't.

He is very annoying nowadays.

| Side: No he doesn't.

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