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 Does the artist that sold more the better artist? (5)

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Does the artist that sold more the better artist?

Mariah has sold more than Whitney Houston but Mariah is no way near better than the legendary Whitney! 
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The most popular musicians these days are inherently the least talented bunch of musicians of all-time. Countless writers for simple pop songs, saved by the producer more often than not, and most off the current "greats" couldn't do most of what they do on their own.

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I disagree because it all depends on the talent and the music a artist have in order to decide which artist is better than the other not based on their record sales.

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Yup... That's definitely the case. Quality over quantity. If you have both, then good for you.

The best indicator of greatness is time. As the years and decades go by, what will people still listen to?

It's all a matter of taste in any of the arts.

Was Elvis a better singer than Placido Domingo is now?

Whose recordings sold the most?

It is well known that ''literature'' and ''best sellers'' are two categories of writing which rarely ever come together in a book.

Shakespeare vs Agatha Christie. Who is the more popular?, who is the better author?

If volume of sales are to be used to determine the most talented and technically competent artist then The King and Auntie Agatha are the clear winners.

Many purists would disagree.