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Does the wage gap exist?


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It has always existed, not without reason. However, not as wide as this since our last oligarchy in the late 1800's. Starting with Saint Reagan, it has looked like a jet leaving an airport, climbing to 30,000ft! A blind person may not be able to SEE how far it rises, but most of them can FEEL it! Anyone below CEO level KNOWS it exists!

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Crazy AL why is it that all Americans cannot earn the wages of politicians ?

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Of course the average income for males (In USA) is higher than for females, and nobody really disputes this, the stats are clear. The argument is about the causes of the pay difference. I see no evidence that it is because of some sort of sexism, etc, as the far left often claim.

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The "wage gap" is due to differences in choices between men and women. It is an aggregate of the pay of all women compared to the pay of all men. Women on average work less hours, choose less well-paid degrees, choose less well-paid jobs, etc. (Source 1)

After controlling for factors such as occupation, job tenure, education, hours worked, position, and other extraneous variables the pay gap all but disappears (Source 2,3,4). In fact, often when comparing certain groups of men and women we find women make more than men (Source 5,6,7).








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Nope. When it comes to the average people in the country, women are not doing the better paying jobs within this part of the job pay sector. Machinists and mechanics make $50,000 or more. Women don't do these jobs. They tend to be secretaries, CMA's, etc. They could try to be machinists and mechanics, but they don't choose to. Just how it is.

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No, of course not, but the Cumberland Gap does.

There is a difference but what the hell.

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