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Does video game help to Improve concentration?

My 8 year old kids use to play video game after every two days. He is addicted to video games and loosing his interest in studies. Should I Stop his daily habit of playing video games? As after discussing with one of my friends, she suggested me not to stop his habit of playing video games, as it improves concentration power and also enhance many inner skills. She suggested me to Buy player unknown battlegrounds like games online from the Website of Instant-gaming in best deal price. Should I go for it?


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I would say video games improve mental agility and increases concentration stamina.

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Yes, gaming CAN improve concentration but this is simply a matter of looking at WHAT games your son is playing. For example, if you said 'Does Call of Duty improve my sons concentration?' i would flatly say no. However there are games that would not only do this but also improve many other aspects of your sons education.

One such example that comes to mind is 'Portal' and its sequel. This game focuses on how the player (in this case your son) can complete the game by solving puzzles in a 'experimental' environment. The player is given a device that creates portals and is placed in a position where they must figure out how to get out of their current level to an elevator that leads to the next level. This type of game stimulates and teaches creativity, concentration, improvisation, patience, and puzzle-solving skills. There are many games like this that come under the genre of 'Puzzle-solving' games bu there are other genres too that are good for your sons mental development. Look to the likes of Nintendo for inspiration, Mario games like 'Super Mario Galaxy' and 'Super Mario Bro's' are brilliant for young minds (and older ones too), and are fun to boot!

Just like any other form of entertainment, books, movies, T.V shows, it is important to look at to whom they are tailored for. ALL games have an age rating, if the game has '18' on the box then don't get it for your 8 year/old son. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is rated as '18' and is thus unsuitable for your son. It shows violence and killing something that is not good for a young mind, if you wouldn't let him watch the likes of any '18' rated film or T.V show then don;t let him play '18' rated games it will really mess with his mind.

To conclude, games can be MASSIVELY helpful in stimulating a childs mind, or anyones mind for that matter, but you must choose wisely which games he is going to have access to.

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Firstly, regardless of the actual question, should an eight year old kid really be interested in his studies? Is that healthy and normal? Isn't an eight year old kid supposed to be more interested in play than study?

If he is actually addicted (that is; "physically and mentally dependent (on video games)"), then you've got a problem, but if it's only a habit or hobby, it is harmless.

If he's just playing more hours than you'd like him to, you may be able to negotiate a smaller limit on the time he can spend playing his games. (E.g, allow him only to play on four certain days of the week for a maximum of 1 hr.) Don't suddenly take away the vast majority of the time he can game for, but do it over time until you are satisfied. If it is impossible to negotiate any reduction of gaming time with him he may have an actual problem.

If he is actually addicted, it doesn't matter that some games improve concentration, the harmful effects of addiction on the brain will likely outweigh any good effects of gaming.

(I'm no mental health expert or anything, so take what I say with a grain of salt.)

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It helps to focus on that particular games' objectives. The problem is the rest of life very seldom has much in common with a video game's objectives and cross applying the video game techniques may actually hurt you in real life:

1) Way more of life is about settling down and having quieter and more long term focus. Whether you're doing your taxes, your work, studying, whatever, it is successful through a long and gradual assimilation of information through concentration, not point and shoot and rush on to the next.

2) Without searching the web for a link between video games and ADHD I don't think it's unreasonable to say learning to make quick decision after quick decision will land you at ADHD faster than learning a calm and more gradual way to focus and assimilate knowledge.

3) Ultimately gaming is about being reactive - you face scenarios made possible through the programming and you react. In comparison, learning to concentrate through books or school or interacting with people is more about invention or discovery - you choose where you will pursue information, what you want to take in, and where you want to go with it. I believe invention and discovery result in superior concentration to reaction.

But hey, if your life ends up being a Navy Seal on constant search and destroy missions then yes indeed video games may help you concentrate.

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