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Don't crap Go ahead, it'll drain
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Don't crap

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Go ahead, it'll drain

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Ewwwww just ewwwwww. For that matter, I thought the plumbing was different when it's not a sewage line. Isn't that where the term gray water comes from? I guess it depends on the location.

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What if the plumbing is different tea? What if it's different.... *

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Groossssssss. WHY WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!?!?! Or not....probably best to think of something else.

Side: Don't crap

Piss is ok because it can wash down easily. May never know it was there. Crap stays there and only a barbarian with no concern of others would do it.

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But now the problem is they haven't any compelling reason to take a shower. It's BBO time. ..............................................

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