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EU Military Agreement

Recently, 23 members of the European Union signed a military agreement to contribute troops, resources, and money.  Part of the new agreement is contribution to a $5 Billion per year fund but that is only one part of the larger agreement.  For years, Europe and the world was told time and time again by Brussels and Germany/Junker and Merkel, that there was no plan to create a greater European Military and that the EU was only ever about economic partnership.  In the past it was the UK's staunch refusal to participate in such an action that prevented an agreement from being reached, now that they are set to proceed with BREXIT, they are no longer an obstacle.  With this being said, do you believe that this measure is a positive step for Europe?  Or is this an issue that could end up haunting Europe, becoming just another dark chapter in the history of the region?

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A joint military alliance with all of Europe would created stronger bonds between member nations of the European Union, strengthening economic, social, political, and possibly social ties among Europeans, putting an end to years of European militarism and conflicts across the peninsula through diplomatic means rather than by brute military force, as powers such as the Roman empire, French empire, and Nazi Germany attempted to accomplish for thousands of years.

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Personally, I am concerned. I am concerned due to the fact that it truly seems that Europe has not yet learned to live with each other yet. Eastern and Western Europe might as well be on different planets at times and the reinvigorated Visegrad Alliance is proof of this issue. Now I want to be clear here, I am not saying that Junker will assemble the jackboots and make a move on Poland. Unless there are restrictions on the operational capacity within Europe though, I can see situations developing in the future that can lead to Soviet style intervention. Additionally, how will the V4 and Russia see this move? The V4 already feel as though they under threat and now there is a military agreement to contend with, a reactionary response to the right seems inevitable now in those regions unless they can objectively analyze the situation and pick a more rational diplomatic pathway. With was one thing to deal with NATO because the US still has to cross an ocean in order to bring its full force to bear. How Putin will react to this is anyone's guess but if you think it will be a peaceful approach I'd have to call you very naive. In the end I have concerns about this new agreement moving forward. What happens in 20, 50, 100 years from now if European countries decide that their sovereignty is more important than EU membership?

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