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Nowadays E-books became insanly popular but have you ever thought about the fact that E-books might replace books ? Do you really prefer reading a novel from your computer or a real printed book ? Should books really be  made redundant?


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Give me good old fashioned books anytime , I've purchased ebooks and have never finished reading any as I was brought up reading actual books and I love the whole tactile thing of engaging with a good book .

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I have really REALLY tried to get into E-books, regular books take up a lot of space so it'd be nice to have about 50 books take up the space of a magazine but.....I just can't do it. I need the smell of paper, the thrill of cracking open a new book or the feel of an old, well-loved one. Give me a good book over a tablet any day.

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Give me a real book any day.

For starters, eBooks need to be read on a screen. Reading them on your phone or computer is bad for your eyes as the screens aren't optimised for that kind of thing. So if you want to enjoy an eBook, you have to buy a Kindle.

What do you do if you can't afford a Kindle, if you lose it or if it gets stolen? What if you want to encourage a young child to read but don't trust them with a Kindle?

If you're reading with a young child, it's much harder to be interactive with an eBook (e.g. getting them to point at pictures or following the text with your finger).

Books have character, e.g. the way they smell, the way they feel, the little tears and imperfections that show it's been well-read, the chance to find a bookmark or pencilled note in a second-hand book...

When researching, it's much easier to flick through a book to find a certain chapter, page number or the index.

What happens if we have some crisis in which we lose electricity for days, weeks or even forever? We would then lose all our written knowledge and culture, as the Internet would be down too.

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Interacting with children through an ordinary book is really wonderful and you nailed that point very well.

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When you buy a book you strain your eyes less,power cuts and electricity bills won't be a problem, you can carry it any where without depending on any gadgets.

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They're more efficient and better.

The only place where printed books take the lead is in having physical ownership over them, which is rather impossible for ebooks, especially the way their terms and laws stand now.

Except that, when you want the content rather than ownership, ebooks are better.

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ebooks are great seeing as how they allow children to do school work without having to carry around huge textbooks. ebooks are more convienient than checking out a book at your local library.

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Frankly, I like both printed and electronic books. Both having their own merits and demerits, anyway.

Yet, with the advance of technology, e-books offer simplicity, mobility, retrievability, cost efficiency, sharing-ability, and so forth.

I, personally prefer the above-stated vantage points, as people nowadays more prone towards mobility, compact and vastness of varieties.

Lastly, I presume that the co-existence of both may do a better tomorrow, rather that the other way.


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both printed books and e books are useful some times. i think using e books for higher studies is good but we have to teach children with books. it is a easy way to teach them over e books . also using e books has so many benifits we can save so much weight and have so many books access anywhere .

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