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Early Chinese colony in North America?

I've recently been told that the Chinese had actully colonised North America, and while the grand old British Empire was claiming land in the East of North America, China was supposedly colonising the West. While this theory is appealing to the mind, I have to admit it was rather far-fetched and would like to hear your opinions on it.

I've provided some sources talking on the subject and if your completly new to this theory, you might want to read them to see what I'm talking about.


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It's certainly possible as mentioned in one of the articles the Norse arrived in America before many years before anyone else so why not the Chinese? The only problem i've got with the theory is the lack of physical evidence. I'm going to China next week i'll see if I can find anything out

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It is possible, but I doubt their colonies were on the same level as the English, Spanish, French, Dutch or Russian ones.

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If there were chinese colonies it's more likely they were similar to the viking settlements in North America.

It's the whole "arrive, dump a few artifacts to show we've been here, leave" process.

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While I certainly think it could have been possible, my gut feel tells me it didn't happen that way.

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