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Eating at home eating out
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Eating at home is better than eating out.

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As people in the cities become busier, the younger generation of urban civilians is getting used to eat out in restaurants and cafés and forget about the numerous ob benefits and joy of eating at home. Most workers who live in the city don't have enough time to eat healthy and cook at home. So they think it's better to save time. But also there are some disadvantages of eating out.

Firstly, eating at home people can enjoy communicating with family, sharing their everyday experiences, news, feelings. So the family becomes more close-knit, friendly and harmonious. For example in Italy there is a tradition when every Sunday all family gather together, visit their parents and have dinner in order to communicate, to share their company. to visit their parents and have dinner together. So Italians values the family traditions very high and cooking and having dinner with the family is very important part of their life. In the restaurant as usual people go with a company of a friend, colleagues or just alone.

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Another reason why it is better to eat out is the wide range of choices. Sometimes when cooking at home we could be stuck with only recipes we know, and even then we have to make sure that all the ingredients are available. But, it is more satisfying and adventurous going to a new restaurant and trying something new.

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eating out is unhealthy i only need to eat once a day and as unhealthy that is i would rather do that than random people making food for me and my family but if people dont have time to eat they definetly have time to eat before bed fast food is very unhealthy and it should have never been established!! people dont realize the causes of fast food until they get older so no more!!

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In my opinion eating at home have much more advantages that eating out. cooking at home is much healthier than dining out. Food consumed at restaurants typically has a lot more calories and fat than food you have prepared at home. Another important benefit for any family with children. Eating at home instead of at a restaurant gives the entire family time to talk about their day. If you are constantly on the run and are always eating out – you lose that quality time to communicate with your loved ones. Cooking at home gives you a chance to connect and talk about school with your children and discuss your days events with your spouse. Eating at home is an excellent opportunity to educate your children on topics about saving money and eating healthy. Besides Another result of living a healthier lifestyle – eating at home can increase your overall energy levels. Since you are eating healthier foods, you are likely to be more active and have more energy compared with a sedentary lifestyle.

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I am absolutely agree with the comments that were posted above. I just want to add another advantages of eating at home. Here are some of them

1. Saving money

2. You know what the ingredients are

3. Healthy lifestyle

4. Education

Saving money

According to the website. The average American family saves more than 2000$ a year by simply eating and cooking at home. These money could be put on the investments and they will "grow"


When you cook at home, you buy ingredients by yourself, and you know how fresh and how good they might be. Of course expensive restaurants usually have fresh and good vegetables, but if you are middle-income family you do not go to fancy restraints and you just eat at fast food restaurants in which food can be cooked in harsh conditions and on bad ingredients.

Healthy lifestyle

As I have mentioned before people who usually eat at home, are choosing the best ingredients for themselves. Though, it decreases the risk of getting food poisoning. In most cases homemade food is healthier and have better energy balance than the restaurant's.


As Francis Bacon stated "Knowledge is power." Knowledge is not only education that we get from school but although the one that we get through experience and everyday improvement. I believe people develop their knowledge skills about cooking it has positive impact on the brain because more we learn smarter we get.

To sum up I would also like to repeat the benefit that had been mentioned before and it is probably the most important one Getting closer to your family. Here are a lot of good things about eating at home.

Supporting Evidence: website (
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In my opinion, eating at home is much better than eating somewhere else.

At first, eating requires thinking, feeling the taste of the food. And when you're distracted from this process, you eat fast and hardly chew your food. As a result, it digests bad. When you eat, you must think about nothing, but the food, you must enjoy it. And when you're eating somewhere, you will pay attention on another things like strangers, cars or some events.

In addition, as eating at home involves cooking, it will improve your cooking skills and save your money. In restaurants you pay money not only for food, which you eat, but also for service. At home you spend money just for products. Also cooking food by yourself won't be waste of time.

Finally, home food is safe food. You know exactly that it's made from fresh and qualitative products. It's also more healthy and tasty.

That's why I think that there are a lot of reasons why eating at home is better that eating out.

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Eating at home isn't as restricted as the whole of you possibly think, as you aren't just enclosed to the recipes you know if, say, you, I don't know, purchase a cookbook?

It offers more time to interact with family and can sometimes withdraw as being cheaper overall, a typical restaurant meal for three costs about thirty-five dollars. If you cooked at home, it could end up costing about five to ten dollars each, depending on what you're serving. Obviously, if your family eats cold-water lobsters with a watercress dinner salad each night, it's going to recede as much more than my estimate.

Just a thought.

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eating at home is better because its more healthy and delishes

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When I have steak in the fridge I prefer to eat at home. However,if I have no food in the fridge I prefer to eat out. This questions answer is conditional on the contents of my fridge in that moment.

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both eating at home, and eating out is about the same equal. it depends on many things really. on age for example. children should not eat ot somewhere, but at home (school lunch). as persons grows up, it is flexible issue, whether to eat at home or outside. as for me, i am more an extrovert type of person, so i like going out and eat somewhere, seeing people, being surrounded by society. it does not always have to be people though. i like discovering new places, food, cultures, and all those restaraunts create themed places, like for example as if you order chinese food or make it at home, or you go to the restaraunt and eat chinese food, in chinese type of surrounding and feel very chinese. but eating at home should be fixed and being kept as a tradition, for example, Family Sunday, when you cook all together with your family and eat together, chatting, laughing.

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Eating at home is nice but when you go out to eat, you can have a cook prepare your food for you and you don't have to do any dishes.

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As busy as today's urban workers are, who often are so busy that it is hard for them to even find a minute to grab a lunch. Restaurants come in very handy for the hard working people, especially that in most of modern families both husband and wife equally work and have no time to cook for one another. In order to balance the nutrients and be healthy the best solution is to concentrate their energy on work and treat themselves with fine restaurant dining later.

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Eating at home save a lot of money, because the price includes not only food but also rent a table, service, waiters’ salary, and chef skills. So, the prices in restaurants increase several times. And if the price is low, then there is something wrong with quality of food.

Moreover, sometimes eating in restaurant can take more time than preparing meal at home so it can be also time-consumer. People have to wait for a long time until they are served, and food are prepared because it takes a lot of time to prepare some kinds of food. So it’s not always the good way of saving time.

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Since more and more people starting to prefer eating out rather than dealing with the hustle of home cooking, the restaurant industry is booming and they can afford to bring the prices much lower.

Also, most workers realize that since their salary depend on the number of hours they work, so they much rather work and earn more money than spend time on cooking. Since they make more money working they can afford to eat in any restaurant they want.

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