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Education in abroad a luxury or Necessity?


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Education abroad may provide us better exposure but it still can't be classified as a necessity.

| Side: Luxury

'need' is so overused a word...

You 'need' oxygen. You 'need' water. Depending on where you live, you 'may need' shelter.

A luxury would be the bike/car you ride, the books you read, the movies you watch.

Education, whether at home or abroad, is not a necessity.

| Side: Luxury
Pices1897(3) Disputed
1 point

wild animals are not educated, yet they survive..but human race is entirely different. we wont die if we are not educated but we won't survive either. Education is not a luxury. It is a necessity but going abroad for what is available at your doorstep(hypothetically) is indeed a luxury..but since education abroad has become a fashion it has also become a way for becoming more dominating as well.

| Side: Luxury
1 point

according to me its luxury!!!!

as a person who wants to get education can get it anywhere

if he is capable of it

| Side: Luxury

Education is a necessity and if you can have part of that education abroad, the better.

| Side: Necessity
brycer2012(988) Disputed
2 points

Education is a necessity and if you can have part of that education abroad, the better.

Are you on the right side? The debate is asking if all kids should have an education abroad, you said that education is a necessity. Do you believe that an education abroad is a necessity?

| Side: Luxury
TERMINATOR(6718) Disputed
2 points

Have you not yet learned that one never ever questions Joe Cavalry, Omniscient Master of Discriminatory Humor(!)?

| Side: Luxury

Education abroad is desirable in that it broadens your horizons. But it is not a necessity. How's that ;)

| Side: Luxury
1 point

Education is education and it should have the same value no matter from where we acquire it..It is only due to our thinking that people educated abroad are considered more competent in their respective fields. So i guess its time to change that thinking!

| Side: Luxury
1 point

Many people who aren't educated are quite very much capable of sustaining themselves through experience. It is skill-based life experience that counts, not your knowledge-based degree or diploma.

| Side: Luxury
1 point

The definition of "LUXURY" is very subjective indeed. The ones who cannot afford it for them its a luxury and it becomes a necessity for the ones blessed with wealth.

In a country like India where unequal distribution of wealth is at its peak and people struggle for elementary education, its a necessity for the "Rich" and the most coveted moment of a student's life and his parents belonging to the middle class.

The poor are stuck with their elementary education struggle.

Also in a developing nation when the whole education system is going through a changing phase its better to be on a safer side if you can afford it ( read: Education abroad)

Since independence (in India) rather before it people always have favoured the education abroad be it OXFORD or Harvard though even at that time it was the privilege of the rich.

So in a way its nice that today the gap among the classes of "who can really receive this sort of education" has been bridged to a great extent.

Also i would like to make a point that there is no harm in getting the best wherever it be on earth. So it becomes a necessity if your country is not suffice in education institutions which can provide world class education

| Side: Necessity

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