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Education of girls is a burden....

Plz put ur views.....

Yes, it's a burden

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No, it's not

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It is not a burden, just the end of mankind. Girl power is the end of man. Give a woman an inch and she wants a foot.

| Side: Yes, it's a burden
debatesRcool(43) Disputed
1 point

i beg your pardon?

you sir i find very rude - inch/ foot hmm? well you Mr. have not done much research.

our women brought you the science of what you are typing on right now. how about these women whom have changed our lives: images/timeline.htm

| Side: No, it's not
1 point

How could that possibly be considered a burden? Educated people are more useful than uneducated people. Educating any given person, regardless of gender, benefits society as a whole.

| Side: No, it's not

It brings unfair competition to men. LOL----------------------

| Side: No, it's not
1 point

Education is over-rated .

| Side: No, it's not

everyone has the right to a good education...........................

| Side: No, it's not
Cicero(239) Disputed
1 point

No one has the right to a good education. If we were we'd be born smart. You have to earn an education.

| Side: No, it's not
1 point

um why can't girls have education? Everyone has the right to education!

| Side: No, it's not
1 point

No its not. We were all created equal by God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| Side: No, it's not
1 point

If men want to fuck brainless vagina's with no torso, they should breed with corpses. They are way more complacent.

You can't improve a society by enslaving a gender to be stupid, raised stupid, and kept stupid. Do you want to keep 50% of the population retarded?

If girls are a burden, I suggest you get rid of all women and girls, and then Men can procreate by themselves, that solves your problem.

| Side: No, it's not
1 point

I think a better topic would be "Education of boys is a burfen", seeing the vast majority (in my experience) of boys don't do anything at school and don't want to be there.

| Side: No, it's not

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