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The efficiency percentage on CreateDebate has no meaning.

I've noticed that the people with the highest number of points seems to create many pointless debates as well as unsupported arguments. Due to the sheer volume of nonsense that some members put out, and the fact one is punished for down voting, these people have high efficiency percentages dispice not acctually being efficient. Now that they very high point totals, any one down vote doesn't have noticalbe effect on the overall ratio. Even if many people down vote these people for being terrible at presenting logical argument, it won't be enough as these people keep posting and keep getting upvotes from people who don't understand that an unsupported assertions adds nothing to a debate.


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If efficiency doesn't directly relate the the validity of an argument than the rating is worthless.

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Measuring the percentage of upvotes would be more meaningful.

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I agree, it would also help if people didn't get two points everytime they post on their own debate. :/

(Unless that isn't factored into efficiency...)

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