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Excon squeezes lemon juice out of his nipples while he snorts bath salts

get gone
you suck on erect shlongs
You're an effeminate socialist who is obsessed with homosexuality and produces cognitively impaired SJW antics. 
You are a yankee doodle dick head butt hole fingering odious leech with a bizarre tendency to bring up the fact that you are a jew and try to imply that your race will out live mine. You are either a Jewish supremacist or you are just trying to be as stupid as possible. Either way you never answered my question, is it true that the Rabbi literally sucks the blood off of the baby's penis after circumcision? Is it true that jewish texts are openly racist and consider non-jews to be little more than animals? Is it true that excon is descended from racist pedophile filth? The answer to all these questions is yes, now come debate me you fucking Zionist cock roach.


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Hello f:

That's pretty good.. It's true.. I probably eat too many lemons..

Bwa, ha ha ha ha..


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AlofRI(1870) Clarified
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Way to handle it excon! I don't like bigots!

Jeez! I'd love to find some lemon flavored nipples, them and a bottle of good Vodka could make for an interesting night! ;-)

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