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OK a lot of people say that they would go on Fear factor and eat roaches and do all of the other weird things that they do  just for the money. So my question is would you mind basically corrupting your body for money?Surprised

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But Fear Factor isn't necessarily just about the money. It's about pushing yourself to the limit! It's seeing how far you can go and how much you can control your body with your mind. I think it's pretty cool. Have you guys seen the Fierce Factor episode hosted by Lady Gaga? Now those challenges might be a little too much for me:

Lady Gaga hosts Fear Factor
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I personally would not go on the show because I would have to pay for the damage done on the inside of my body with the money that I win.

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Well, If you want to go on the show, knock yourself out,

I really don't care.

The point I want to make is that there are better ways to make money. I mean, this is America right? We have capitalism, so you mine as well make money doing something you love to do right?

If you just wanna be on TV why not who wants to be a millionaire?

So unless you like eating bugs and stuff, ........why?

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Haha, I agree. If someone wants to make money, they should just go for who wants to be a millionarie or something. But even so, not everyone is smart enough to pass the test to get on that show. And on the other hand, fear factor is simply about proving someone is fearless. So, it's actually a thrill for people that believe nothing can scare them, and all the while, they get money for doing it (not that much unless you're the actual winner though).

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I totally agree. Getting a real job will earn you money and likely benefit society in some tangible way.

Eating donkey testicles is benefiting no one. Especially the donkey.

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It's not worth it. I think you only get $50,000 if you win. That's a lot, but not THAT much money...

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That's not enough to make me eat one chocolate covered ant!

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Well I'd eat an ant for $50K, but I wouldn't risk my life or sit in a tub of spiders or bugs.... lol. I have standards. ;)

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