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Facebook in the Classroom?

Does Facebook have a place in K-12 classrooms?


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If Facebook would become more educational, then yes, but until then, it is useless.

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Its easy and useful for collaborating, me and a couple lab partners easily put together a lab report on it before. It could have its advantages in the right classroom.

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It stated that people who posted often were likely to be more narcissistic, not that face book encouraged narcissistic behaviors.

Face book has several advantages over most other web tools. Almost everyone already has one, It has numerous apps and new ones can be created for it if a app is lacking, Its very easy to find someone, send out information to a large group, organize an event, etc. Many people also have it hooked up to their phone, allowing instant access to their opinion by a easy and common format. etc.

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You do know what narcissism is? also, you are describing behaviors someone on facebook may exhibit, not actions which are encouraged by face book, unless you have evidence otherwise? Also, those behaviors are not necessarily linked to narcissism, but to business goals for example.

In what way does a social networking site where you are bombarded by other peoples info mean you are behaving selfishly by using it? is education not a selfish thing? Is social anything not a selfish thing? Is simply anything, not a selfish thing. There are other ways to nurture the social growth of students, but are there any with face book's advantages? I severely doubt it. Do you have an example in mind?

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Every social network then, including your alternatives, would encourage narcissistic behavior, since each begins with you providing info about yourself.

Perception is only though the self, it is impossible then to do anything without considering it though the filter of the self, Thus everything is selfish.

ning apparently isn't free.

edmodo is very nice, but a facebook group preforms nearly all the same functions with out much setup and is more likly to be checked often. My college has something similar, nobody really uses it for anything other then a file server though. edomodo has more teacher control and possibly(?) a better file sharing system, face book has less set up, is checked more often and has more information sources handy(which may or may not be a advantage or disadvantage). edmodo may very well be a more viable alternative to facebook, but its a close call. I would say facebook is better for small information to be set out, like announcements and such but due to its less then perfect file sharing ablities(which there may be an app for that on it) but edmodo may be better for file sharing.

You have to consider that face book also has many of the childrens' parents and friends hooked up as well, which could be beneficial for some classes, A co-curricular or psychology class which may use the social network to announce to interested parties about after school activities or use their responses to questions as part of assignments or experiements. On the other hand a teacher may find the additional information(and effects of info) such entities would be putting out on the social network undesirable for the class room.

I didn't know about edmodo, thanks for showing it to me. it does seem like a good contender. Face book however is still an option.

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Maybe if you read it over again, you will find that if Facebook would be more classroom effective, then it would be a yes.

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No because there is no actual question to the debate. It is not even a sentence, it is a prepositional phrase with a question mark.

If the debate would have been, If facebook was allowed in the classroom, is it educational?

Then I would have responded no, with my reasoning if it did have educational alternatives.

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Here is a video I created to make a case for 4 reasons Facebook is valuable in the classroom:

In short, it:

(a) creates a bond between teacher and student that is beneficial to the classroom environment

(b) encourages students to actively produce content rather than simply absorb like sponges

(c) its community-based format fosters discussion, reflection, social awareness, and what Stanley Fish termed the "interpretive community" effect

(d) makes students sensitive to different dialects/formalities of English

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Yes! If teachers would make Facebooks, then on Snow Days and weekends they could remind them about homework/give out homework, and it would be a whole lot easier to remember stuff.

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I suggest Facebook in junior high and high school...even though I've never used it. Plus, My teacher is highly bonded to my whole class already. (I'm the only one in my class to not have a Facebook account)

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I contend that the baggage that Facebook has accumulated as a recreational social networking site prevent it from widespread acceptance by teachers and parents as an educational tool.

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I support your argument, and wonder if it would even be accepted without baggage in this "me" generation era?

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no way! Facebook shouldn't be put up in classrooms. it is a social networking site and only concentrates on socializing amongst people. students don't need Facebook while studying. it is not even meant to teach anyone anything. it is a just-for-fun site.

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It sounds as if you are suggesting that Facebook does not belong in the classroom, but you voted "yes" ?

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There are plenty of other Web 2.0 tools out there that allow classroom collaboration without the baggage that Facebook has. As the link suggests, many of its features encourage narcissistic behaviors...

Supporting Evidence: Scientific findings about Facebook users (
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I find it hard to believe that trying to acquire many "friends", for the sake of having your numbers increase, is not tied to narcissism. Or, how about posting and trying to see how many people you can get to "like" your comment? I feel that there are many other narcissistic features linked to Facebook.

It may be a tool that people choose to use on personal time, but it does not have a place in the classroom where we are encouraging students to think about others, and not always self. There are other ways for us to nurture the social growth of students.

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There are many benefits to facebook in general, but one must recognize where these benefits apply.

In general, it increases the users social capital, a measure of their social ability to interact with other people.

this is, without doubt, a positive aspect in general- especially when there are concerns about the internet making people antisocial.

However, in the classroom, social capital is not required. Some of the most brilliant people on earth have been extremely troubled in social interactions, often suffering from depression, mood instability, impulsivity, alcoholism, suicidality, schizotypy, temperament and bipolar disease

in fact, the article discusses the possibility that genius- which I use to correlate to classroom achievement although they are not the same concept- is inversely proportional to social handicaps

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Facebook signup begins with you providing information about yourself - likes, dislikes, etc. I would say that this encourages narcissistic behavior (vanity).

Surely people can pursue education for selfish reasons. But, believe it or not, some people choose an educational path to acquire a career that may positively impact others.

There are plenty of other Web 2.0 tools designed with greater advantages than Facebook. One is Edmodo, Ning is another.

Supporting Evidence: Edmodo Article (
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But it isn't educational, so you should have voted no, and stated that if it changed you would vote yes.

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Facebook in the classroom causes lack of concentration in class which can become very detrimental to a student's performance in a course or class. Facebook can also become a form in the transmission of messages inorder to cheat on an exam and also promotes the use of slander and propaganda in class.

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No, it is a social-networking site. I would vote Sporcle over Facebook for the fact those are mostly memory games and actually help with some subjects in the classroom.

If Facebook had more educational value than friend/connection value, then it would be fine.

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