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FactMachine is the mastermind behind many alts we think are Bronto's

I am not saying the actual Bronto or white-dog account are FM, FM is instead responsible for many alts we are assuming as Bronto but are actually FM.
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Where is the proof? If anything, everyone thinks I'm Nom. Bronto definitely thinks all my accounts are Nom which is why I just went with it and acted like Nom for a few months. The thing about Bronto is that everything he posts is right wing propaganda, which consists of some of the most boringly idiotic shit on the planet. It's tiresome to even see so many of his debates, never mind read them, contribute to them or create them myself.

Mingiwuwu(1831) Disputed
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You are Nomspickle, dermit (not dermot) and many others. You roleplay as bronto roleplaying.

ChiefToad(136) Disputed
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You are Nomspickle, dermit (not dermot) and many others. You roleplay as bronto roleplaying

I'm so sick of the pointless, stupid crap going on on this site. Instead of bringing up anything of interest all you can do is accuse me of being various alt accounts because you have nothing better to do in between playing card games and engaging in furious masturbation sessions over pictures of Nicki Minaj. Here's an idea, why don't you take your retarded theories and insert them directly into your anus. I am none of those accounts and I am bored out of my mind of you people. 99% of people either consist of retards who amuse me or retards who annoy me and almost everyone on this site consists of the latter.

This is why typeonecivil stopped coming here.