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Fetal Transplants

Scientists are in the process of perfecting an artificial womb capable of supporting live embryos. With the advent of this technology, and advancing techniques in transplants and cryogenics, it may soon be possible for a woman to have the embryo of an unwanted pregnancy removed and either a) transplanted into another woman's womb to complete gestation or b) frozen, so that the woman may continue gestation at a later date.

If you are pro-life, is this an acceptable solution to an unwanted pregnancy? If you are also religious, do you consider this to be interfering with God's plan?

If you are pro-choice, would it be acceptable to completely supercede abortion with this procedure?

How should a father's rights be affected if his partner has the embryo frozen, then implanted again 20 years in the future? Should he have to grant consent and/or be responsible for child support payments?

A link to an article about the artificial womb, if anyone is curious:

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If the child ends up a living, breathing, human being with nothing wrongwith them, then fetal transplants sound great. I do not believe that (if I believed in a God) God would be angry because no one was killed. In fact, that would be HELPING.

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The entire ideal seems rather sidestepping to me. This doesnt really solve anything or shut anyone up or do anything, it merely presents more problems.

From the Pro-life perspective, this does fine.

From the Religious perspective, this does fine because no moralized philosophies are violated.

From the Pro-choice perspective, personally, Id still like to see abortion in place for the elimination of unwanted future elements, but yes this is fine too. As long as they dont start taking up shitloads of space in basements across the world.

Yes, the fater should have some right to allow the continuation of growth, but at the same time no, they shouldnt. From the equal rights perspective, the man was equally and arguably more responsible for the fermentation to begin with. However, from the autonomy perspective, its a big no-no because its her body, right? If it were another woman's body continuing the growth of a fetus after the father's partner had it removed, Id say the father's consent is required. If the mother would like to continue it, no the father's consent would not be required, for if these two partner's are still together and the father did not consent it, LOOK OUT.

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That sounds pretty cool a live embryo huh and no I dont think god would be angry I accually think hed be proud of us.

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