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Flynn is NOW a convicted felon. He's got the goods on Trump. Will Trump pardon him?


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Nahh. He'll let him snitch

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I can't say I'm not amused by the left.

Flynn's lying to the FBI means about as much as every one of Hillary's circle getting caught lying about anything and everything. Squirrely people in the big fish's circle don't condemn said fish to any guilt. Flynn was only in his position for 3 weeks, but the left, foaming at the mouth, couldn't be smart and let the rope hang those around by the neck if collusion was true. So? If it is true (doubtful), the left can't get out of its own way to nail Trump on anything. They're like the guy who gets with a girl and is done in 10 seconds and is somehow underwhelmed with the result...

1)Any time you ask the left for proof of "Russian collusion", they either don't give it up, slowly realizing it doesn't actually exist, OR they point a finger in some random direction at something that isn't Trump colluding with Russia.

2)And in an ironic twist, "collusion" isn't illegal even if true.

3)Trump can pardon Flynn.

4)If the rabid left could somehow take down Trump, which could take years even if true, he will be replaced by? Mike Pence... And of course it's now been almost a year of the left claiming "Trump's going down!" And? You know the rest...

The point? I'm enjoying watching the circus. Tell Maddow and Morning Joe that I've enjoyed the freak show. Here's to 7 more years of leftist media meltdowns... ;-)

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It's my guess that he will. Frankly, I'm guessing that this is the bait Mueller is dangling for Trump. I'm guessing that the pardon will determine his next big move.

It's just a guess, mind you, but Trump gives all kinds of indication that he will.

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Flynn is NOW a convicted felon


Excon Lives Matter

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I'm guessing he won't pardon him because it's a given that congress would immediately move to impeach him if he does that but since Trump is a completely out of control psychopath it's impossible to predict what he might do which is exactly why we have to get him out of the White House and into a Nut House as quickly as possible.

I've been making as many bets as I can that Trump will be removed from office before he finishes this term.

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