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Following the Lead of Liars: How Conservatives Are Winning Their War on Reality

It’s been an obvious fact for years that Trump is a racist and has done everything he can to stoke the ugliest aspects of the American political imagination.  It was disgustingly clear when he led a campaign designed to “other” the first African American president of the United States by absurdly questioning his citizenship, and it was also evident in his very productive use of our long history of anti-immigrant fervor and xenophobia during and after his campaign for the presidency.  

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Trump’s a pig alright, but he isn’t a Conservative. He’s a populist riding the wave of a social backlash against the left. There is nothing racist, sexist, bigoted, or xenophobic about conservatism, though you may find these traits in Trump. But it is important for the left to paint the other half of the country as such to win elections. This method will win them elections for next while. Dems will certainly have the next presidency. But then it will come back around, not because half the country wants a president like Trump, but because half the country can’t stand the politics of Hillary.

Dems will double down on their politics of division, and that will work for now because Trump is so terrible. But it won’t work in the long run.

excon(8007) Disputed
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Dems will double down on their politics of division, and that will work for now because Trump is so terrible. But it won’t work in the long run.

Hello A:

I'm glad to see you disavow Trump. And, I'm glad the Republican party disavows sexism, bigotry and xenophobia..

But, let's talk for a minute about the politics of division.. It's become pretty clear to me that, if given a choice between supporting left wing anarchists and Nazis, you choose Nazis.. If that's NOT the politics of DIVISION and HATRED, I'll kiss your ass..

If I'm WRONG in my assessment about you, ANTIFA and the Nazis, please correct me.


Amarel(3619) Disputed
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It's become pretty clear to me that, if given a choice between supporting left wing anarchists and Nazis, you choose Nazis

I reject the scenario that this is our choice. I believe that the notion that you have to pick violent ignorant group A or B is put forward by the left. The left is likely to identify with Antifa and otherize their opponents as Nazis. That’s why there are are protests containing Antifa across the country.

On the other side, the Right doesn’t identify with Nazis, they deny the importance or predominance of Nazis. They underplay the role of the few Nazis we have. To those who see only a choice between Nazis and Antifa, this looks like support for Nazis. It isn’t. It’s a denial that this is our choice.

I’ve never supported Trump. I’ve never supported Nazis. Once upon a time even you stood against Antifa as they destroyed your old campus in the name of the opposite of what you stood for.

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You can't have it both ways. Trump is not a conservative just like the democratic party is not liberal. By the way, the 'conservative icon' Reagan tripled the debt, making him only conservative in misled peoples' imaginations.

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There's this thing called Mass Psychosis and America is deeply mentally ill with it right now. It's no accident that we elected a reality TV game show host as President of the United States and will soon elect a pedophile as United States Senator. America has been driven mad as part of a plan to enslave us all.

There's a great documentary that explains it. "The Century of the Self"

You can watch it on Youtube here:

Supporting Evidence: The Century of the Self (

It is absolutely laughable to call Trump a Racist. Hillary herself criticized Obama for many things, and in your twisted thinkon that makes her a racist?

GET REAL, and stop with the deviding America by labeling your opposition racists. It truly makes you look the fool.

Yes, Trump is egotistical, talks off the cuff, says stupid things before thinking, etc. but he is not a racist or any other label you can throw at him.

He does love America and wants all Americans to succede. I don't judge a man on sme past locker room talk, or things taking out of context, etc. etc.

I judge a man and a politician on his policies and his love for our nation, his love for our people, ALL PEOPLE including our viable babies that the Left supports killing for any reason up to birth.

He's a man beliving in the rule of law, protecting America from criminals who would enter this nation illegally. He wants to ensure no Terrorist gets entrance to this nation, so to protect all Americans including Black Americans, women, etc.

Trump is more a good man than any Democrat phoney you would run for office. He understands true humanity, personal responsibility, peace through strength, reducing the welfare roles through accountability, lifting up moral values, etc.

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It's as simple as this... The vote of one idiot is worth just as much as the vote of one non-idiot. You get enough idiots off their butts to vote and you win.

Now, it used to be the idiots a) didn't bother to go vote, and b) knew to some extent yes they're idiots - at least about politics. Heck, when you can't name any candidate except the top two you kind of knew you hadn't done your howework.

But, now in the social media age they not only get rallied but also believe whatever threads of soundbytes they've been reading are absolutely true, so they taylor their votes however they've been preened. And after decades of hearing just one party is right and everything that differs is insanity they've become polarized. It's easy to think you did the right thing when you believe every member of your chosen party is far superior to any other candidate.

Conservatives/Republicans, Liberals/Democrats, all spin their own self-reinforcing versions of reality. The only way you break free from that is if you acknowledge the grand trick both sides are playing and start to think independently and moderately.

Don't follow the lead of liars. From either side. Keep an open mind, learn what you can, and decide based on individuals. That's your only chance of not being an idiot.

We are "winning the world of reality" because libs don't live in it. It's how Trump won and prominent liberals like Dave Rubin swapped party affiliation and libs like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris are rebuking the modern left.

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It's how Trump won

Shut up, bronto. Trump won because he lied far more often and more convincingly than Hillary did, and because he committed treason and struck a deal with the Russians.

Donald Trump fact check: Almost every big claim he made in his speech to Congress was false. lists/people/comparing-hillary-clinton-donald-trump-truth-o-met/

A fact checker looked into 158 things Donald Trump said. 78 percent were false.

The reason you voted for Trump is because you are both deeply dishonest people and you identify with that. Having a President who is a pathological liar and a scumbag helps you feel better about yourself.

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I don't think that most of the people who support Trump believe he is racist.

I watched him very carefully during the election season and did my own research into the matter. I listen to what the man himself says.

If conservatives are winning this imaginary war on reality(as if anyone could overthrow reality), it would probably be because of wild and unfounded accusations such as these.

Obvious that Trump is racist? No it isn't.

The people who believe this crap would be better off if they were more skeptical of the media and went to more direct sources.

Trump will probably be remembered as a fine president, because there is a big difference between what they say he is doing and what he is actually doing. There is a big difference between what he says and what they say he says. He's a very competent man, and I believe he really wants to do the right thing. I think he is doing a good job so far even.

I certainly don't think any of this because I'm racist either. If I was racist, my wife and I wouldn't have opposite skin colors. We're black and white, and we love each other very much.

Really though, ya'll would rather have Hillary in office? Bernie Sanders? I just can't believe that any of these people would do a good job.

I think if people knew the truth, they would probably be concerned at just how controlled the mass media is. The very people that rebellious left thinks they are fighting against are the ones who are guiding them politically.

Donald Trump won because of the internet. There is no way he would have won 30 or 20 years ago even.

excon(8007) Disputed
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I don't think that most of the people who support Trump believe he is racist

Hello T:

That's true.. His base believes EVERYTHING his says, or if they DON'T believe it, they don't CARE.. Trumps support in the GOP is around 40%, which means around 30% overall..

Will it hold?? I think it will.. Trump was right.. He coulda SHOT somebody in Times Square, and his base will STILL love him..


TzarPepe(793) Clarified
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I have seen no evidence to suggest that President Donald Trump is racist, and in fact have seen plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Maybe repeating this slanderous lie over and over again has convinced some people, but it isn't convincing to me.

I think it's bad politics, and the people perpetuating this sludge should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe GET REAL or something.

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I don't think that most of the people who support Trump believe he is racist.

I watched him very carefully during the election season and did my own research into the matter. I listen to what the man himself says.

So when you say you did "research", what you actually mean is that you took at face value the opinion of a racist about whether or not he is racist?

‘No Vacancies’ for Blacks: How Donald Trump Got His Start

A former Trump superintendent named Thomas Miranda testified that multiple Trump Management employees had instructed him to attach a separate piece of paper with a big letter “C” on it — for “colored” — to any application filed by a black apartment-seeker.

TzarPepe(793) Clarified
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Where is the proof for these allegations?

Besides that, are you telling me that you have to go all the way back to the 1970s, which was damn near 50 years ago to make a case that President Donald Trump is racist?

Not buying it.