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 For all the phonies who claim you're against No Restriction abortions, yet never speak out (10)

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For all the phonies who claim you're against No Restriction abortions, yet never speak out

Who do you phonies think you are kidding? When an issue is important to us, we speak about it. We create debates talking about it.

NEVER do you phonies say word one about No Restriction abortions that are legal in approximately nine States. The only time you even mention it is when ridiculing those who have the humanity to speak out against killing viable unborn babies for any reason.

What's even more laughable is that your words are never in agreement of how we should put some restrictions on this inhumanity, but rather your words are always attacking me and anyone else standing up for the lives of these viable unborn babies.

With every deceptive word out of your mouth, you show why you are a total waste of time to debate. You lack the honest character and integrity to admit your absolutely lack of caring for these viable babies. You constantly lie and pretend you don't agree with aborting healthy viable late term babies.

If you don't agree with them.... SPEAK OUT! Get on the phone and tell those politicians, who would support No Restriction abortions, that you will never vote for them until they put more restrictions on this inhumanity to our most innocent lives.

Nah, you vote on more important issues to you, such as forcing all public schools to allow so called transgender boys in our daughter's bathrooms, or forcing every State to change their marriage laws. You create debate after debate talking about Trump's locker room talk, or the lie of Trump's tax code only helping the wealthy. Hating Trump for everything he says or does consumes your debates, while the killing of healthy viable babies never gets a mention.

This is the priorities of man when you separate God from a nation's public. He becomes like animals lacking the most basic of humanity.
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For every phoney who claims to be against the inhumanity of No Restriction abortions... look in your hearts, look in your souls, look in the mirror if you dare, and try explaining to yourself why you and the Left are silent.

If you actually possessed the character to look within yourself, you would have to ban yourselves!

Rusticus(1553) Disputed
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Explain your vision of how the United States would implement an abortion ban.

Give the details of how you could possibly do it and enforce a ban for example, would you force women to undergo pregnancy tests once a month? Would you lock up women who you suspect might get an abortion? Would you put women who get abortions in prison?

You won't give the details because you can't.

Now go ahead and do what you do best, ban me.

Amarel(3619) Disputed
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A ban on abortion would simply target hospitals/ doctors that perform them. Hospitals are already heavily regulated and monitored, so an abortion ban would not be difficult to implement on that end.

As for the rest, nobody enforces “pre-crime” penalties, that’s rediculous. Punishment would follow evidence of a crime having been committed, just like anything else. If the ban is on the performance of abortions, then doctors are the target, not women.

FromWithin(6480) Disputed
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Why would I ban you when you were not vulgar, did not insult me, and were not trying to be deceptive.

I will answer your question....

If I were President, and had enough Congressmen & Senators to change the law, I would make abortion illegal once more except in cases of Life of Mother, and some other extreme cases that would be very clearly spelled out in the law.

I would throw doctors, who illegally killed unborn babies, in prison as we do murderers who would kill you.

I would also fine the Doctor, the mother, and the father if he was an accomplice to the murder. The money from the fines would go towards crisis pregnancy centers, and other health clinics dealing with problem pregnancies, adoptions, etc.

Why would there be a need for pregnancy testing? If they get pregnant, they will have the baby unless extreme cases. If they illegally have an abortion, it would be treated as a crime against innocent lives just like we do if you were killed.

The punishment would be determined by the people and those we elect.

I'm so sick of hearing pathetic pro abortion excuses about women going down back alleys to kill a baby. If they choose to do this, even when there would be much more support for crisis pregnancy centers, etc., they deserve what the law deals out.

I have no sympathy for killers, no matter their so called hardships of having the baby. We as a civilized nation should never condone murder just because of the circumstances. Adoption is always an option, whereby the adopting parents can help pay for the pregnancy.

I would also go after the dead beat father if he abandoned the child. He would be forced to support the mother and child.

The conscience of America would once more be lifted to support our children instead of treating them like burdens. Parents who abandon their children would be considered abusive for doing so and forced to financially support their children, or shamed!

We no longer shame the abusive behavior of abandoning children. We are living in the no fault culture where anything goes and no one speaks out against irresponsibility.

FromWithin(6480) Disputed
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Do you see what you just did. You twisted the debate from No Restriction abortions of late term viable babies, to outlawing all abortions.

Can any of you ever have the honesty to address this inhumanity of killing viable babies that you support wth your vote?

The majority of States already have limits on late term abortions.


There are already about 40 States that have laws prohibiting late term abortions unless extreme cases. Ask them how they do it!

What restriction is best? Do you agree first two terms should allow abortions? What I've read and heard seems to indicate that it is the third trimester where most debate is sparked even amongst prochoice advocates.

How about focusing the fight on the third trimester getting banned?

I think the first two trimesters are much harder to stop abortions in.

FromWithin(6480) Clarified
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The GOP has tried a umber of times to get a 20 week compromise (with extreme case exceptions) and the Democrat Party refuses to compromise. They support all abortions up to birth and use the ludicrous all incompassing "health" of mother wording which allows all abortions for any reason including depression, etc.

The reasons I speak much about No Retriction abortions is because that would be the starting point of compromise to at least protect viable late term babies.

This is the clear distintions between the GOP and Democrat Party.

Would the GOP in return allow abortions in first two trimesters in states where it's currently banned or whatever?