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For or against Child labour?


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Children should be able to work and gain money and work experience at the same time. However this could lead to a shortage of jobs and an increase of unemployment.

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Personally I love it, my soccer ball factory wouldn't be profitable without it. When I get up in the morning I get a sense of personal fulfillment from knowing that the kids I "employ" are easily beaten, especially when I'm in need to vent.

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Child labour theme is one of the most important problem in the world. The main and single cause that drives children to work is poverty id. est, the lack of money. Income from a child's work is usually cruicial for his/her own survival or for that of the household. Also, the another thing is the lack of meaningful alternatives such as affordable schools, medical care and etc. Every child deserves being loved, and no one has right to deprive children of their childhood. Child labour interferes to his/her physical, mental and social development. Moreover, not only it will harm to their health, but also it is dangerous. As,they do physically hard work, which is usually done by adults, and futher this may bring death or other serious problems. I am totally against of child labour, and if we want to live in a bright future, we should try to avoid this problem. we should fight against child labour and give a fair chance to children to grow up healthily and happily.

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BenWalters(1498) Disputed
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If you are completely against child labour, yet acknowledge that they are forced into it through poverty, and have to work to survive, what do you propose that these children do without their wages? How would they buy food, get by, or even live?

I agree wholeheartedly that it's a terrible thing. I've seen so many children living with ruined childhoods - playing on crowded dirty streets full of traffic, bathing in dirty water, and yes, working to survive - and while I feel that these things are awful, I would rather they do that than not.

Your opinion seems to be that these things are bad so if we stop them then the problem will go away. Extreme poverty is one of the biggest problems in the third world: simply by removing a method of income for some of the poorest children in the world, which harms the child in some way, will not make the overarching problem go away.

Do not think of the world as a utopia, as an ideal of transcendental justice. Think of every decision, every action, every interaction between two people, to be an opportunity to improve the comparative justice of these people. While something may be unfair in itself, if it is more fair than the alternative, then you should make that decision. While child labour is awful, the alternative (the children dying due to lack of food) is much worse.

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Khorlan(18) Disputed
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Do you mean that we should not fight against child labour? I agree that children dying due to the lack of food is awful. However, there are cases when children are forced to work, some of them exposed to the worst forms of child labour including slavery and armed coflict. Its parent's responsability to earn money and give their child a chance to become a personality, to go to school and take an appropriate knowledge. Because, children are our future... And nothing should thwart it...There are many ways of preventing child labour. For instance: give the jobs of child workers to their adult relatives this way, the family does not suffer, and indeed should be better off, as adult wages are generally much higher than child wages. Social services - that help children and families survive crises, such as disease, or loss of home and shelter and etc.. So it all depends on us.

| Side: Against
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Wow, when i first looked at this debate the first thing i saw was that for and against were at the same level..! That shocked me!! Of course it should not be if you give a child a job to do, and they are happy to do it then yes, but when you say child labor i assume you mean like working in some sort of cotton mill, or working in a diamond mine?!

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We want to ignore the reality of child labor, yet remain relatively indifferent about poverty, when the two really go hand in hand. Particularly in the United States, we want to act as if poverty is the result of some sort of moral weakness. A person is poor because they choose to be poor, they say. We like to pretend that everyone has an opportunity, but do they really? Especially now, with the cost of education being so far out of reach.

If you're not from a wealthy family, then you have to be the smartest of the crop to get into college with scholarship. And yet, if you're so poor that your family needs to sell your labor, how is it that you're supposed to be this bright student? Poverty is a vicious cycle and one that is hard ---but not impossible--- to break. If you're parents are poor, chances are you'll be poor.

| Side: Against
Khorlan(18) Disputed
1 point

I can' agree with you that if your parents are poor, you will be poor too. Yes, sometimes due to the expensive education, food, or medical care children have to work. Thougt, despite any circumstances children shouldn't work untill the age of 18. When he/she will be physically stabelled.

| Side: For

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