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Free speech, no dancing, no spiking, no taunting...

In the NFL if you spike the ball, dance, taunt, throw the ball away from the ref after the play, kick the ball in anger, have a group celebration on the field, etc, it is an ejection or a penalty is given. Is this suppressing free speech?



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No indeed

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Is this suppressing free speech?

Hello bront,


However, if I ran a restaurant, I wouldn't allow dancing, spiking or taunting either.. Do my employees have the RIGHT to dance and taunt??? They DO. Do I have the right to FIRE them for it? I DO. Is that suppressing free speech? It IS. Is that right or wrong?

That IS the question, isn't it?


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Define "right and wrong".*

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excon(12713) Disputed
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Hello, bront:

I’m right – you’re wrong.


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Freedom of speech is an idiotic ideology and in fact the first 2 Amendments of the oh-so sacred constitution has 'rights' that are all harmful if carried out.

American culture is putrid and arrogant most blatant in the fact that it is the only nation in the world to think people have a 'right' to say abusive things or worse a 'right' to access harmful weapons.

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No it is a sportings event and can be viewed by the public as poor sportsmanship. So this process is open to penalty by precedent assigned by conduct of the game itself.

We do not have a right to say hateful things that can hurt by United States Constitution. We can describe an event in a way which may appear to be wrong with liberty. The United States Constitution just describes the controllable condition that must be met, so this painful truth can occur. We the people are often the bearer of bad new, we the people are not always the creator of bad news.

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