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@Fresno_State President @JosephICastro do you support Professor Jarrar?

Today, Fresno State responded to the outcry to take action again professor Jarra due to her irreverent comments about the former first lady Barbara Bush.  While their statement below states she made the comments as a private citizen, she implicated Fresno State by saying that she will never be fired.  She is hiding behind free speech.  While free speech rights allow you to say what you want in many cases, There is no constitutional right to free speech in the workplace.

Is this possibly a racially or religiously motivated hate crime?

I think they need to take action to get rid of her...what do you think?

Here is their statement...

Statement by President regarding tweets made today by a faculty member:

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Yes, keep her on staff

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No, fire her

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While most of us regard free speech as a right this person did not merely give her opinion online but she deliberately involved her University and mentioned that the universities president would totally back her up her “ right “ to express her opinion , this is grossly unfair on the college president as it involves him in battle he did not ask for or wish .

I’m sure there must be legal grounds for dismissing her as involving the college in her personal rants is surely breach of code of conduct , I would do all in my power to have this despicable woman fired

I note she involved 2,000 people in her Twitter battle before going private , also she called everyone who disagreed with her views a racist which demonstrates she was merely going on a personal rant , she seems to me to be a truly despicable person .....

A little snippet from online news ,

More than 2,000 people had replied to her before she made her Twitter account private, the Bee reported. Some were upset at what they viewed as Jarrar’s incivility about a woman widely regarded as genteel. For others, the sin was more basic: She had spoken ill of the dead.

Jarrar pointed to the comments as an example of “what it’s like to be an Arab American Muslim American woman with some clout online expressing an opinion.”

“Look at the racists going crazy in my mentions right now,” she tweeted.

The writer taunted those attacking her, sharing a contact number that was actually that of Arizona State University’s suicide hotline, and said she was a tenured professor who makes $100,000 a year.

“I will never be fired,” she tweeted.

Many tagged Fresno State and the institution’s president, Joseph Castro, demanding that the professor be fired. Jarrar laughed at them.

“LOL let me help you. You should tag my president @JosephlCastro. What I love about being an American professor is my right to free speech, and what I love about Fresno State is that I always feel protected and at home here,” Jarrar wrote. “GO BULLDOGS!”

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I would have to agree. Under the freedom of speech she has the right to say whatever disgusting thing she wants to fling out of her mouth, but that doesn't mean there aren't going to be repercussions.

The moment she pulled her employer into it and essentially put words in their mouths is the moment they should have brought her ego back down to ground level and given her the pink slip.

She's a trash person getting WAY more attention than she deserves.

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While I don't agree with what Jarrar has said in this tweet, I do think that she had the right to say it. You shouldn't get fired for saying something your workplace disagrees with.

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Dermot(5453) Disputed
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You shouldn't get fired for saying something your workplace disagrees with.

Really ? A lecturer in a tweet should be allowed to say anything they want but they should be adult enough to accept any fall-out that comes with that , politicians , new readers and others are disimissed for breaching codes of conduct .

This creatures mistake was unfairly involving the colleges president and stating he would support her which was grossly unfair , thats a breach of contract and the creature should be dismissed

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You call me a creature when you live in Italy? Really? Okay, Linguini.

A lecturer in a tweet should be allowed to say anything they want but they should be adult enough to accept any fall-out that comes with that

Like I said, she shouldn't get fired for speaking her mind. That's what we call censorship of the press, Dermot. I know it's hard terminology for you to understand.

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She went against the stream of standard hypocritical eulogies.

Most tributes to the dead such as;--- he/she donated so much of their life to helping others and and should be commended for being a wonderful humanitarian, should end, providing they're really dead that is.

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I think they need to fire her and make an example of someone who is hiding behind her employer and using them as "validation by inaction"

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WinstonC(1226) Disputed
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"I think they need to fire her"

A professor shared a political opinion online, albeit at a poor time. Aside from the fact that public political figures are fair game for criticism, why is there a "need" for action?

"hiding behind her employer and using them as "validation by inaction""

This would entail that employers are responsible for every opinion their employees publicly share. Why would this be the case? Just because they won't fire her for her opinion doesn't mean that they hold that opinion.

I appreciate that the left is being hypocritical here and it makes sense to draw attention to this. However, if we hold that it is wrong when the right are fired for sharing their political opinions, we cannot persecute our political opponents in the same way.

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Welcome to the world of social media. Fame a drug and drugs are usually bad for you.

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