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FromWithin, it's "democratic party."

You keep saying "Democrat Party," which doesn't make sense. Remember to add the ic at the end, please.
PS Sorry for being nosy, but it's really started to bother me.


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Those guys from the "Republic Party" are kind of one way anyway. They don't realize without a Democrat Party we'd have a "Banana" Republic Party.

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He gets shy because the tic, in his accent, is pronounced as dick.

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Hello mr:

Oh, these right wingers KNOW it bothers us.. That's WHY they do it.. The first to do it was drug addict, Rush Limprod.


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The reason I don't like using "Democratic" Party is because that name would suggest a Party supporting Democracy.

The Democrat party has become the Party of Political correctness, whereby the courts, not the voters, decide important issues such as Gay marriage, Gun control, Healthcare mandates, etc. etc.

The Democrat Party used the courts to force every State in the US to allow Gay marriage.

That was not a Democracy whereby the people in each State voted to decide if their State changed their marriage laws. Many many States did not want to change their marriage laws but were forced to do so by a few Judges.

It was not a Democracy whereby the people got to vote in politicians after declaring how they would vote on this issue.

Remember when the Democrat Party supported the head of the IRS, Lois Lerner, when she used the IRS to improperly target Conservative groups, denying or delaying them political status compared to Liberal groups. Is that Democracy? No punishment for her crimes!

Is it a Democracy when the American people constantly voice their opposition to more gun control, while the Democrat Party keeps trying to push it against their will?

Is it a Democracy when approximately 80% of Americans want restrictions on late term abortions, yet the Democrat Party of No Restriction abortions keeps refusing to compromise because they are tied to the hip with Feminist and pro abortion lobbies.

I don't remember voting on the issue of my income being taxed to pay for medicaid funded abortions. Do you?

The Democrat Party was trying to deny funding to pubic schools if they refused to change their bathroom policies to allow so called Transgender kids.

Just look at Obamacare to see the big handed over reach of an activist Democrat Party forcing all Americans to buy healthcare against their will, and mandating businesses to provide it. Is that democracy in action? The American people kept telling the Democrat Party they did not want Obamcare, yet they forced it through without one GOP vote.

I could go on and on about an activist Democrat Party that has turned from one of Democracy to one of judicial mandates.

So I will likely keep saying Democrat Party until the peope once again speak loud enough, such as electing Trump, to say we no longer want your political correct activism, WE WANT DEMOCRACY!

When the Democrat Party once again starts acting like a supporter of Democracy rather than a supporter of Political correctness, I will call them the Democratic Party.

My advice to you? GET OVER IT, unless of course you are also the political correct Big Brother controller of our speech.

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excon(8030) Disputed
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The Democrat Party used the courts to force every State in the US to allow Gay marriage.

Hello again, From:

What the Democrats USED, was the Constitution.. You know, it was that pesky 14th Amendment - the one that says if YOU have a right, EVERYBODY has that right.. I know you don't like it, so you PRETEND it's not there.. How positively right wing of you..

Here's your Constitutional lesson for the day.. We DON'T get to vote on RIGHTS.. Certainly, if we COULD, you wouldn't own guns..

Now, of course, like you always do, you'll accuse me of TWISTING the words in the Constitution.. But since you can't ban me on this thread, I thought I'd set you straight..


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FromWithin(6480) Disputed
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Your hypocrisy knows no bounds as always.

The Democrat Party CONSTANTLY tries to twist the Constitution to support whatever political correct agenda they have.

There is nothing in the Constituton concerning allowing every group of people, whether it be poygamists, pedophiles, beastiality, etc. to marry who they want.

Remember Roe V Wade? The Left twisted the intent of the Consitution when speaking to "privacy", to mean the privacy for a woman to end another innocent human life. INSANE!

Spare us your ludicrous rhetoric as to how Gay marriage is a constitutional issue.

Funny when it comes to the Constitution's actual support of our gun rights, the Left spits on the Constitution.


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