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 Frozen or Tangled (3)

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Frozen or Tangled

I've seen arguments about which of these 2 are better.(I honest see How to train your Dragon better than both of them) But, if I had to choose I would Tangled.
If I start a war, sorry
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3 points

Frozen is fresh af, along with the mad lyrics that come along with the crazy storyline full of adventure. Frozen all the way.

2 points

In terms of story and most hashed out characters, Tangled. In terms of one of the greatest and most memorable songs, Frozen.

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Honestly if I had to choose I would choose Frozen. The characters are a little more interesting and the songs will be in your head for centuries. In terms of stories how ever Tangled's is brilliant. But Frozen seems to just be tipping the scale more towards itself just enough to make it better than Tangled.