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 Fuck the Evil Twins (Rep and Dem), Vote Libertarian! (1)

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Fuck the Evil Twins (Rep and Dem), Vote Libertarian!

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Fuck the evil twins?? You want us to vote for a party STARTED by REAL "evil twins" These evil twins were raised by a father who did millions of Dollars of business with Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler. He even imported a "nanny" from the Third Reich to "form them"! (That's what nannies do.). She returned to Germany to celebrate the invasion of Poland! Now, those Brothers Koch would have their own political party and suck gullible Americans into it! They are trying to BUY America, for the sum of $800,000.000 (if they have to use it all), That's what they've earmarked for the election.

Vote Libertarian?? NO! I like my Liberty too much to follow THOSE evil twins!