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Is this further Proof Andy Has Banned The Wrong Accounts?

No attacking other members, says Andy.

A selection of Outlaw's comments from the past hour alone:-

You Dummy - NOT ABUSE just Immature

Is a Resident Dummy like you to tell me what is unhealthy !  - NOT ABUSE just Immature


Oh shut up ya f$#kwad. - COULDN’T FIND THIS ONE

What you got to say Boy - NOT ABUSE just Immature

Tell me Dummy - NOT ABUSE just Immature

Andy banned Quantumhead because trolls like this conned him into believing he was bullying them.

Now you have silly comments filling up your waterfall instead of reasoned argument.

I've lost nothing. You've lost a good contributor.

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Clearly you don’t understand how the site works. If you see something/someone who breaks the rules, then report the argument or debate. they will receive their warning and one chance and then I will ban them.

I ask you if a tree falls in the woods and there is no one around to hear it did it make a sound...of course it did...but nobody cares.

Furthermore, I have offered to unban any account that has been banned if they promise to play by the rules...

SO WHAT SHALL IT BE? Continued attacks on me or stepping up and being a valued member of the site?

Also look above...clearly you are too sensitive to certain words. Only two of those really break a rule. The others are just immature comments.

So what shall it be? Are you in or are you out? If you are a good contributor, then come back and play by the rules.

Oh, I also formed your debate topic in the form of a are welcome.

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No Andy banned the right accounts because there were mountains of evidence to support the claims made against the banned accounts

It’s time to move on as Andy says and either decide to debate or leave

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Well, as I see it, 'he who pays the piper calls the tune'.

I assume Andy's strategy was to create a liberal self regulating site but unfortunately, his trust in us, me included, was betrayed and he found it necessary to establish some basic ground rules to stop the forum from imploding.

In a nutshell, my interpretation of the rules is;- keep to the topic, don't make personal insults and state your viewpoints in a civilised manner without blatant or disguised profanities.

I find these requirements quite easy to understand and abide by, despite spiteful provocation.

addltd(5108) Clarified
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Simply put, the rules are in place to keep the cite civil. It need not exist without civility as no one would come.

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I was once a prodigy of trolling, now I am a god of internet forum mastery.

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If you want attention brought to someone because they are using foul language or being abusive, hit the report button. Otherwise how is anyone who is moderating going to know?